The Yellow Brick Road; Brick (5); There Are Others?

If you think you identify with anybody in this book, be sure to remember that I don’t have any “good” or “bad” people.  You and I did not design people.  God designed people.  What I am trying to do is to discover why God included humans in Universe.

I don’t think Light is what is needed in this world.

One hears the “New Age Spiritual Type” say something like,  “Love is the answer,” or “All there is just Light and Love.”

Or something like that.

Perhaps, our mission, our “Asana” (Asana means yoga  pose) is to find The Light in the Darkness and “release” it.

We need to “go there” before we can reveal it.

Perhaps this is how we will reconnect to “Source?”

Perhaps it is a Process?



Are you Willing to Inquire?



The “mindset” established as a result of balancing belief and disbelief through suspension and having the will to “seek” what can’t be seen is a qualifying requirement, in one way or another, for all of the “maps” introduced in The Yellow Brick Road.

Faith is an interesting thing. 

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1

If an apple seed is The Final Effect in an apple, then, in human beings, a man’s sperm and a women’s ovum (egg) are the Final Effect.

Remember, earlier, we talked about consciousness being the Final Effect of Creation?  

Thus, consciousness is The Original Cause.

Question:  What is the consciousness of the male sperm and the female egg?

Answer:  To unite as one in an act of creation embodied by infinite pleasure and ecstasy. Therefore, The “Seed Level” Consciousness of all existence (Cause)  is the act of Creation itself.   A consciousness of sharing and experience of inexpressible joy.

God emanated Light for one purpose — to create and then fill the Vessel (of Desire to Receive) with infinite pleasure.

This is the purpose of Creation.

Remember Fractals?

Consciousness is the Cause of all existence, and its purpose is to share endless pleasure with the souls of humanity.

But wait.

Why all the suffering?

It does not make sense.

It is confusing.

Why is it so hard?

I’m trying to find out what God permits us progressively to know and preferably to do if we humans are to continue in Universe.   

A good trainer is constantly repeating.

When we workout with weights we do “repetitions.”.

Training instills disciplines and agreed upon objectives; a desired outcome.

First, we become aware of what the game is.

Second, we explore the game to understand its components, rules, strategies, best practices.

Third, we discover the path of Growth, Transformation, Mastery and Transcendence.

We engage and begin to learn, through direct personal experience, how to play the game and we get better and better and better – each and every day.

Question:  What does God permit us to know?

Answer:  I don’t think he permits or does not permit.  

I think that is someone else’s role.  

However,  I do know that God wants us to know Everything.

How do I know this?

The week I went to the hospital in November of 1976 I was awakened to my mortality.

This Diabetes thing was serious business.

Back then it is conservative to say that 1 out of 5 T1D’s died, not from long term complications, but from acute episodes of going too low (insulin reaction…too much insulin) or going too high for too long (hyperglycemia…..too little insulin-too much glucose in the blood).

Most people knows a parent of a child with diabetes.

Ask them.

They will tell you.


It’s a nightmare.


Diabetes has been a nightmare for me.

It’s been a curse.

As we are, perhaps, beginning to see, when there is darkness there is potential Light.

There is a blessing in the curse.

That’s not my opinion.

It is based on science.

Managing Blood Glucose levels as a T1D is like flying a plane you can’t land.

The object is to stay in a narrow safe/target range (altitude level) without crashing or going too high for too long.

There are three rules for flying a plane:

  1.  Fly the plane.
  2.  Fly the plane.
  3.  Fly the plane.

The force of the opponent is relentless.

He is insidious in the way he plays and opposes us.

He is like “white on rice.”

The blessing of Type 1 Diabetes is that you get to engage with the opponent in a life and death battle 24/7 so you get a lot of practice.

God has become one of the strongest trigger words in the post-modern pluralistic culture.

In my opinion, this whole game of life is a spiritual game and God is who we are playing for.  

Sa-tan is who we are playing against.

In yoga and meditation inquiry we learn about Drishti.

Drishti is a focused gaze, a ,means of developing concentrated intention.

When we lock our gaze onto something………….When we attach to something then we are bound to suffer.

Establishing a Drishti enables us to look without attachment.

It is a necessary and important tool in this work.

Here is a link of a yoga journal article on Drishti.

For many years I hesitated about writing this book.  God had introduced me to many, many thousands of humans.  Quite a few of those I have known have had decision-making powers that could, and often did, affect human affairs in major ways.  Much of their decision-making integrated with thousands of decisions made by other Earthians.  

Welcome to The Matrix.

The integrated thousands of decisions inadvertently were compounded with a myriad of unforeseen technological, exploratory, and environmental happenings.  The individual decision-makings and unforeseen happenings around the world and in Universe at large altogether synergetically produced historical results not contemplated by any.  Such noncontemplated-by-any results constitute evolution – the will of God .

There is no arriving in this “world.”

The faster we travel the more we learn and can apply towards The Final Correction.  

The Journey HOME.





The Yellow Brick Road; Brick (4); The Yin and The Yang

Science recognizes many fundamentally complementary aspects of Universe.  The black hole is not a negative.  As implosion is to explosion, the black hole phenomenon is to the inside-out, expanding Universe.  The black hole is the inverse phase — the outside-inning phase — of cosmic evolution.  What humans have spontaneously identified as good and bad — or as positive and negative — are evolutionary complementations in need of more accurate identifications.  

On the left, an optical image from the Digitized Sky Survey shows Cygnus X-1, outlined in a red box. Cygnus X-1 is located near large active regions of star formation in the Milky Way, as seen in this image that spans some 700 light years across. An artist’s illustration on the right depicts what astronomers think is happening within the Cygnus X-1 system. Cygnus X-1 is a so-called stellar-mass black hole, a class of black holes that comes from the collapse of a massive star. New studies with data from Chandra and several other telescopes have determined the black hole’s spin, mass, and distance with unprecedented accuracy.

Most of my favorite songs are from the 70’s through the 80’s.  

I guess it makes sense because those were my formative years when I was creating and connecting to an “Identity.”

Isn’t it ironic that once you awaken to the spiritual path the “work” is really to deconstruct what you have been building all your life…..  


Identity; Ego?

My favorite band is Genesis.  

I love Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

My Favorite Genesis song is Carpet Crawlers.

I met Nedra in November of 1999.  

She is an acupuncturist, cranio-sacral therapist, Chinese, Herbalist, Macrobiotic chef and much more….

From November of 1999 until March of 2000 I would see Nedra twice a week at her office.  

She introduced me to Bikram Yoga.  I started going every day.  

I told Nedra that my biggest desire was to heal my diabetes.  

T1D is considered chronic and irreversible.  

The damage had been done by the immune system and no one has figured out how to reverse the “faulty” response and regenerate the beta cells in the pancreas.  

When I told her my biggest desire was to heal the diabetes….She said…..And I will never forget this……”I’m on the case.”  

I knew she was a spiritual soul mate at that moment.  

We did some amazingly deep healing work.  

We were “traveling” so fast.  

By the end of June 2000 Nedra and I had entered  into an accelerated healing journey.  

We were doing two Bikram Yoga classes a day.

 I was running three miles in the early afternoon.  

We were eating good food, taking Chinese herbs and supplements.  

I was receiving acupuncture, massage, light therapy, crystal therapy and cranio-sacral therapy every day.  

I felt I was getting closer to a cure.

If you want to sail your ship to windward through a narrow passage, you have to do what sailors call “beating to windward” – first you sail on your port tack, then on your starboard tack, then port, then starboard, again and again, not on your “good tack” and your “bad tack.” We walk right foot, left foot, not right foot, wrong foot.

Kabbalah teaches that there is one law that governs the realm of consciousness and there is one force that influences it.

The one law states that in the realm of consciousness like attracts like and opposites repel.   

Everything that occurs in our reality flows from this one law.

This next part is so important I am quoting, word for word Rav Berg from his book “Nano.”

“The one force that influences consciousness is an opposing power, a countervailing force that uses the one law to conceal itself, and thus propels the world toward increasing chaos.”  

“The one force is called Satan (pronounced Saw-Tan). “

“Sa-tan is the most corrupted and misunderstood word in the human language. ” 

“Translated properly it means Adversary.”

” Adversary refers to a force that relentlessly propels this world – and our individual selves – away from the Source of true reality.”  

“Since true reality is perfect order, the further we move away from it, and the greater the distance and space, the greater the increase in disorder.”

“Thus the Adversary is the Cause of the increasing disorder that occurs in this physical domain.”  

“On the individual level, the Adversary impels us to receive instead of share, and it is this act of receiving that distances us from the Source of perfect order and happiness.”

This book is written with the conviction that there are no “good” people or “bad” people, no matter how offensive or eccentric to society they may seem.  I am confident that if I were born and reared under the same circumstances as any other humans, I would have behaved much as they have.

There are a series of blogs I would like to recommend.  

Bill Harris is the owner of a company called Holosync.  

Holosync produces and sells meditation music and sounds that effect brain waves.

Bill is part of the transcendent “movement.”  

He knows Ken Wilber.  I think they have done some work together.  

He was in the movie “The Secret,” a movie about The Law of Attraction.

Bill began writing a series of blogs on human development in 2007.  

These blogs are very well done.  The first couple are long and hard.  

To get through all of the ones I would recommend takes about four hours of study.  

Well worth the effort.  

The world needs more people to wake up to The Real Truth.  

All of these people and maps being introduced in “The Yellow Brick Road” are presented towards this end.  

Here is the link to Bill’s blog page.

Instructions:  Start with his first blog in September of 2007 and read through all his blogs through June 2008.  

Men and women are different creatures.  

Women are the Yin aspect of Universe.  

Men are the Yang aspect.


Yin is the Female:  The Vessel.  The Drawing Force.  The Desire to Receive. The aspect in the body is the connective tissue, the bones, the cartilage, the teeth.  

Yin is The Negative Pole.

The Yang is the Male aspect; The Transmitter of The Light; The Giving Force;  The Desire to Share. The aspect in the body is the muscles, the blood, the hormones, body fluid.  

Yang is The Positive Pole.

What does Bucky mean when he says his “working assumption” is “that the words good and bad are meaningless?


What does he mean when he says, “that the word negative used as the opposite of positive is at best carelessly and mis-informedly employed?”


In the Yellow Brick Road Consolidator/Sales Representative Training there was an important segment on effective communication.

What is important here is to “see” communication as a process; a formula; a symbolical representation.In the communication formula there is a sender and a receiver.

The sender has a message he/she desires to send to the receiver.

Both the sender and the receiver possess two “faculties.”

  1. Intention– a thing intended; an aim or plan.
  2. Attention – notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.

Does the sender have the intention to have the receiver “get the message?

Does the receiver have the intention to “get” the message?

Where is the senders attention?  Is it focused on making sure the message is sent and received?  Or does he/he she just like talking?

Where is the receiver’s attention?  Is it focused on understanding the sender?  Or is he/she just thinking of what to say next?

In the communication formula the message being sent by the sender is information.

Information is the substance of the communication process.

If it’s a game of hide seek any information would be a good thing……Right?

Furthermore, the receiver can use “feedback” in order to ensure that the message received is, in fact, the message sent.

Feedback can be employed through restating what was received, validating what was received and asking probing, outer directed questions.

There’ s a short verse written long ago by an English poet and teacher, Elizabeth Wordsworth:

If all good people were clever,                                                                                           And all clever people were good,                                                                                   The world world be nicer than ever                                                                         We thought that it possibly could.                                                                             But somehow, ’tis seldom or never                                                                             That the two hit it off as they should;                                                                       For the good are so harsh to the clever,                                                                   The clever so rude to the good.



The Yellow Brick Road: Brick (3); The Middle Path

Since complementarity is essential to the success of eternally regenerative Universe, the phenomenon identified as the opposite of positive cannot be negative, nor can it be bad, since the interopposed phenomena known heretofore as good and bad are essential to the 100-percent success of eternally regenerative Universe.  They are both good for the Universe.

I “get it” Bucky!  

You are saying that everything in our Universe; the good, the bad and the ugly;  

Truth, Beauty and goodness,

Everything is essential and that to label it as good or bad is not required?

Right?  Is that it?  

The Buddha might have a different way of explaining what Bucky is writing here.

Let’s explore Buddha for a moment.

The Buddha awakened to the suffering of the world around him.  

His life was a journey in search for THE CAUSE of Suffering and Chaos; THE EFFECT.  

And, if he found it he wanted to know if there was a way to eradicate it.

In my opinion, the strife we are witnessing and personally experiencing with people holding opposing views on an issue or way of doing or approaching something is the effect, in a general sense, of what The Buddha identified as “The Root,” or “Seed Level” or “Cause” of Suffering.

He found the Cause.  

The Buddha said that IGNORANCE was the root of suffering.  

Specifically, ignorance of the nature of impermanence (Annica in Sanskrit).  

“The Truth of suffering,” the Buddha said, “must be explored to its end.”

Clearly one can see suffering exists.  

Suffering begins at the beginning of life when we are born.  

We come out of the womb screaming Holy Hell.

We don’t always get what we want.  

We sometimes get what we don’t want.  

If we get what we want it eventually leaves us.  

Everything that arises is bound to pass away; Annica.

We are attached to the five senses, to the body, to our mind, our thoughts, cognitions, perceptions, sensations and reactions,  

We are attached to our identity- the mental and physical being.  

All these are evolving processes bound to change.  

Most people who know about the Buddha think attachment is the root of suffering.  

The Buddha dug deeper.  

He did so by asking  questions.  

The answer only reveals itself when the question is asked.

What causes attachment?  How does it arise?

He discovered that attachment occurs because of the momentary reactions of liking and disliking.  

The brief, unconscious reactions of the mind are repeated and intensified moment after moment, growing into powerful attractions and repulsions, into all our attachments.


Attachment is merely the developed form of the fleeting reaction.

This is the immediate cause of suffering.


We are now going to inquire into how the Wheel of Suffering turns.  

I want to credit William Hart and his book, “The Art of Living; Vipassana Meditation as taught by G.N. Goenka.”  

Some of the writing here is taken directly from that book.

am taking the liberty of presenting it in a slightly different form.

Question:  What causes reactions of liking and disliking?

Answer:  Sensation.  We feel a pleasant sensation and start liking it;  we feel an unpleasant sensation and start disliking it.

Question:  Now, Why these sensations?  What causes them?

Answer:  Because contact is made through the 5 physical senses and the mind.  Whenever an object or phenomenon contacts any of these six bases of experience a sensation is produced, pleasant or unpleasant.

Question:  And why does contact occur in the first place?

Answer:  Because of the six sensory bases – the 5 physical senses and the mind – contact is bound to occur.  The world is full of countless phenomena; sights, sounds, odors, flavors, textures, various thoughts and emotions.  So long as our receivers are functioning, contact is inevitable.

Question:  Why do the six sensory bases exist?

Answer:  Because they are essential aspects of the flow of mind and matter.  

Bucky writes, “It was discovered that unity was plural and at minimum sixfold.”

Question:  And why the flow of mind and matter?  What causes it to occur?

Answer:  Because of consciousness, the act of cognition which separates the world into knower and known, subject and object, “I” and “other,”

Is this separation the cause of Creation; The Birth of our Universe?


Every moment consciousness arises and assumes a specific mental and physical form.  In the next moment, again, consciousness takes a slightly different form.


Throughout one’s existence, consciousness flows and changes.  

At last comes death, but consciousness does not stop there.  Without any interval, in the next moment, it assumes a new form.

Question:  What causes the flow of consciousness?

Answer:  Reaction.  The mind is constantly reacting, and every reaction gives impetus to the flow of consciousness so that it continues to the next moment.  The stronger the reaction the greater the impetus it gives.

Question:  What causes Reaction?

Answer: Ignorance.  We are unaware of the fact that we react, and unaware of the real nature of what we react to.  We are ignorant of the impermanent, impersonal nature of our existence and ignorant that attachment to it brings nothing but suffering.  

Not knowing our real nature, we react blindly.  

Not even knowing that we have reacted, we persist in our blind reactions and allow them to intensify.  

Thus, we become imprisoned in the habit of reacting, because of ignorance.

Ignorance does not mean stupid.  

It means to ignore.  

There are two kinds of ignorance:

The first one is involuntary.  Have not been exposed to it.  You are just not aware of it;  Have not thought about; Hasn’t occurred to you.

The second is willful ignorance.  You can’t see the Truth or don’t want to see it because you are willfully, consciously or unconsciously, blocking it with your beliefs, positions, desires, aversions, inability to suspend disbelief, fear, trust issues, ashamed, like being a victim (it works for you), ….should I go on?

It doesn’t matter if it is conscious or unconscious.  

Both are in the consciousness realm.  

One of the first steps in the  spiritual healing recovery process is awakening to this.

Remember, If you question your results then check your assumptions.  

The Buddha was in search of the Cause of Suffering; Chaos, Pain, Disease, Disagreement, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Divorce, Unhappiness, War, Death….should I continue?

Kabbalah’s one and only working assumption is that The Light of The Creator represents the Cause and everything else is the Effect.  

The Light is Total Fulfillment.

The Universe’s binary code might be described as Total Accountability and Total Feedback.

The Light of The Creator wants to share with the Emanated Vessel – The Desire To Receive – The Human Soul.

“My son, more than the calf wishes to suck does the cow yearn to suckle.”  Rabbi Akiba.

One way to look at The Yellow Brick Road Training and it’s potential value to you, others and the world is that it may provide you with an introduction and orientation to all of these “maps” we have introduced and are inquiring into;  Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Chinese Herbs, Diet Counseling, Food Recipes, Light Therapy, Laser Therapy, Biofeedback Therapy (The Indigo Machine), Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Human Development Perspectives, Transcendent Vacation Spots (I don’t mean physically, although the lake house is definitely a transcendent spot),  Kabbalah, Vipassana Meditation, Walking, Weight Lifting and more….

Growth happens when you are green.  

People rot when they are ripe.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.  

When the teacher is ready the student will appear.

I want to introduce you to a dynamic teacher I have come across.  His name is Mark Pasio.  He has a whole bunch of videos of his lectures on his website.

I suggest starting with his three part series on Natural Law.  

These are long lectures.  The Natural Law Series is 9 hours in total.  

If his sometimes harsh and confrontational delivery causes a negative reaction, try to not let it effect receiving his wisdom. 

His series on the occult is fascinating.  

He has intimate knowledge of The Adversary; The Opponent: The Opposing Force.  

What fun would it be to play a game of tennis without someone on the other side hitting the ball back?  

One of his most intriguing video series, in my opinion, is entitled, “Unholy Feminine; Neo Feminism and The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda.”

Everything in our Universe arises with it’s polar opposite.  

We live in a world of duality;

Can’t have up without down.

Right does not exist without Left.    

Light-Dark, Male-Female, Above-Below, Yin-Yang, Black-White and, yes, Positive-Negative and Good-Bad.


The Cause can be found in The Effect.  

And, The Effect can be found in The Cause.

Ken Wilber describes the evolutionary process as transcending and including, transcending and including.  

He says. “It’s turtles all the way up and turtles all the way down.”  

Things starting to sound similar?   On-off, on-off, on-off?


Vipasanna Meditation is wisdom training.  

Awareness and Equanimity – This is Vipassana Meditation.  

When Practiced together, they lead to liberation from suffering.  

If either is weak or lacking, it is not possible to progress along the path toward the goal.

Both are essential, just as a bird requires two wings to fly or a cart needs two wheels to move.  

And they must be equally strong.  

If one wing of a bird is weak and the other powerful, it cannot fly properly.

If one wheel of the cart is small and the other large, it will keep going around in circles.   

The meditator must develop both Awareness and Equanimity together in order to advance along the path.



There is no “arriving” in this Universe.  

However, there is a destination.

First, Right Alignment; The Mystery

Second,  Discovering and Exploring; The Journey.

Third, Surrendering, Connecting:  The Revelation.



The Yellow Brick Road: Brick (2); Proper Alignment

Critical Path

“Critical Path is a state-of-the-art summary of human evolution.”   –                                  Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

On the back cover of one of my copies of Critical Path reads….”

Today we find ourselves in the midst of the greatest crisis in the history of the human race.  Technology has placed in our hands almost unlimited power at the very moment when we have run up against the limits of our resources aboard Spaceship Earth, as the crisis of the late twentieth century — political, economic, environmental, and ethical — determine whether or not humanity survives.

Critical Path is both a history of humanity’s social, political and economic systems and a road map for survival.  

The book is soooooo comprehensive.  

It is an astounding read.  

Not easy but definitely worth the effort.

“The Yellow Brick Road” is an introduction to a step-by-step process of awakening to and engaging, with integrity,  the “field of play;” “The Territory.”  

REMEMBER, the map is not the territory.  

Ken Wilber, in his Integral Theory, presents a comprehensive “map” of evolution.  

So does Bucky. 

One way of achieving a deeper understanding is to inquire into the concept of “fractals.”

The most optimal mindset, cognitive pattern; attitude to discover and cultivate in a yoga practice is one that leads with a seeking mind; a conscious mental state of inquiry.  

Better to be in “the mystery” than to be in “the know.”  

“Yoga is self-observation with compassion,”  Swami Kripalu.  

Everything in nature grows, changes, transforms, evolves in a similar manner.  

Fractal inquiry is a scientific/mathematical perspective.  

Diving deeper we discover The Fibonacci Sequence.

This is where it starts to get interesting,

OK, Let’s start the Foreword to Critical Path.  

IT IS THE AUTHOR’S working assumption that the words good and bad are meaningless.  This is based on science and not on opinion. In 1922 physicists discovered a fundamental complementarity of disparate individual phenomena to be operative in the physical Universe.  This was fundamentally amplified with the subsequent discovery of the always-and-only-different, always-coexisting proton and neutron which, with their always-coexistent- electrons, positrons, neutrinos, and antineutrinos, are eternally intertransformable.  

See what I mean?  Bucky writes long and creative sentences.  

I like that he acknowledges his  “working” assumption.  

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an immune deficiency disease.

For whatever reason, the immune system decides that the islet/beta cells in the pancreas that produce the hormone “insulin” are “bad” and destroys them.

Critical Failure.  In business we call this situation a single point of failure.

No Insulin = No Life.  

Not good.  

Are the words good and bad meaningless?

I believe, to do this work; spiritual healing, spiritual inquiry, spiritual recovery or whatever you want to call it, one must know when, where and how to suspend belief and disbelief.  

Awareness drives growth.  

Equanimity sustains it.  

Before 1922 if a person got T1D the treatment was basically starvation.

The prognosis??  

Maybe a few weeks.  

Injectable insulin was invented in 1922.  Coincidence?   

BTW, this diabetes thing is huge in our society.  

The numbers are staggering as far as the amount of people affected.  

95% of people who get diabetes get Type 2.  

Type 2 is a much different dis-ease.  It has a totally different genesis, treatment protocol, prognosis.  

Over 30 million people in the U.S alone have diabetes.  

More than that are diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  

The costs on our health care system are enormous.  

It is a very misunderstood disease.  

This video clip may enlighten you bit…

When he says that his working assumption is based on science, not opinion, Bucky is referring to the discovery and current understanding of Quantum Physics.  

An assumption based on science and not opinion does not mean it is fact.

It means that the assumption is based on the discoveries and conclusions made through a scientific approach

An approach of discovery.  

Science seeks to find how and why something “works.”  

Science is great at describing but not so good at explaining.  

The question of WHY is key to the healing path.

Critical Path was published in 1981.  I was a freshman in college.  

Bucky’s working assumption is based on the discoveries science had made up until that time.  

Think about what has been discovered since 1981!!  

We are evolving.    And we “seem” to be picking up speed.

Some discoveries are universal.

Universal Truths have always existed and will always exist.  

Buckminster Fuller challenged the assumption that the strong survive at the expense of the weak.  

He challenged the perspective of Darwinian “evolution” as a false perception of “MAN’S” relationship to The Natural Universe.  

Time to stop and make an assessment.  

I’m constantly having to stop and test my blood glucose level.  

I have to stop and fill my insulin pump.  

I have to stop and change my infusion site and care for the wound the old port left behind.  

I have to stop and count my carbohydrate intake.  

Life is a course in correction.  

The Kabbalists call it “Tikune.”  

Everybody’s got one (EGO).

When we find the healing path we are in better alignment to awaken, to explore, to ponder, to become illuminated, to share, or not. 

The Spiritual Work is about learning how to move faster along the circle.

It’s acquiring the knowledge, skills and optimal attitude in order to transform, change, correct.  

If you hold the belief that spirituality is easy and simple you are right, partially.  

Because we live in a world  “with a fundamental complementarity of disparate individual phenomena” spiritual work is also, by definition, difficult and complex.  

Here is a good interview of Bucky.  

It’s 30 minutes long.  


Consciousness is the Final Effect of “Universe”, therefore, Consciousness is The First Cause.  

By consciously restricting belief and disbelief you are essentially establishing the thinking mind as a binary code program/process; 0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0; on, off, on, off, on, off…………….

The “Middle Path” is experienced when you can see both “sides” of the the “equation” at the same time.  

It is not easy.  

Can you see the two faces facing each other?  Can you see the Goblet?  Can you see both at the same time?

Balance, in this universe, is an effect of the subtle yet “causal” relationship between belief and disbelief.  

At least, that is one way to look at it.  

As you will discover in The Yellow Brick Road there are multiple ways to look at the same thing.  

The “thing” doesn’t change.  

The perspective does.  

There are higher perspectives.  

We need to keep moving.  

This movement is not just around a two dimensional circle.  

It is a movement vertically.  

Upward and Onward.

No longer was valid the “building block” of the Universe.  It was discovered that unity was plural and at a minimum sixfold.  All the intercomplementations are essential to the successful accomplishment of eternally regenerative Universe.  Science’s discovery of fundamental complementarity has frequently occasioned individual scientists’ realization that the word negative used as the opposite of the word positive is at best carelessly and mis-informedly employed.

Time to introduce the map of Kabbalah.  

For a moment, let’s imagine that life is a game of hide and seek.  

A lot of you are going to need to suspend the beliefs and the disbeliefs here.  

If there is resistance, it is just your shadow side, or more accurately, the dark side.  

Yep, he exists.  Yikes! Really?  

Perhaps a little Bob Marley first?  

He was, for sure, on the front lines against the legions of the demons.

The spiritual realm is different than the physical.  

For example, time and space do not exist in the spiritual realm.  

Time and space do appear to exist in our Physical Universe.  

I am not asking you to accept or believe that what I am saying here is true or a fact. 

You may know it in a different way.

What I am asking, what is required in order to reap benefit from The Yellow Brick Road Process, is the willingness and the ability to suspend; to restrict; to resist the normal reactions of receiving a perspective or information that does not happen to jive with your current held beliefs and disbeliefs.  

There are many paths.  

Most of the information out there about Kabbalah is simply wrong.  

It is not a religion.  It is not Jewish Mysticism.  It is not a cult, although, there are Kabbalah groups like The Kabbalah Center which have multiple locations all over the world.  

It is absolutely not a new fad metaphysical “take” that appeals to celebrities like Madonna.  

Because we live in a world of duality more Light equals more darkness.

And vice versa.   .  .   .

The more darkness the more potential for Light.

The origin of the word DIABETES comes from  the Spanish word DIABLO. 


Often times in a yoga class, especially a yin class, but also in some of the more aggressive classes we go into a pose called Shavasana.  

Shavasana is Corpse Pose; Dead Body Pose.  It’s when you lay on your back and surrender to the mat.  It’s a movement into stillness.

Gravity becomes “Guru.’

Some teachers will tell you, as they are guiding you through the class, that Shavasana is the hardest pose of all.  

Most beginning students will tell you it is the easiest.  

Who is right?  

As we are beginning to see, perhaps, both are “right.”  

It is a “matter” of perspective.  

And, of course, vice vesra….

It is a perspective of matter.


This does not mean Truth is relative.  

Perspective is relative.

Truth is absolute.  


Remember, the map is not the territory.  

You don’t need all the maps.  

You just need a few of the best ones in order to begin to explore The Territory.

But you have to desire it.  You have to want it.  

There is no coercion in spirituality.

Truth does not desire to be believed in or worshipped or prayed to or submitted to.  

Truth is Truth whether you like it or not.  

Introducing Kabbalah is very challenging.  

In the past I have experienced several “short circuits” when sharing Kabbalah.  

Most people who initially show interest seem to quickly become disinterested.

Some think it is blasphemous to inquire into other spiritual perspectives that don’t line up with the “faith”  or “belief system” they have chosen to adopt.  

Kabbalah has nothing to do with belief or dogma, worship or even devotion.   These are moment to moment individual choices.

The word KABBALAH means TO RECEIVE.  

There is only one working assumption in Kabbalah.  

Again, words are limiting and this is how I would describe it – –

The only ‘thing’ that really exists is Light. Light is complete and total fulfillment.  Everything Else is a creation; a manifestation; an emanation.

Kabbalah is Technology of The Spiritual Realm.

The first Kabbalist was ADAM.  

ADAM (Atom) represents all the souls of humanity united in one “body.”  

Resistance to any new information, technology and perspective arises mostly because of the assumption that what we see, hear, taste, feel, smell, touch, think is real.  

I am not saying that what we can sense and comprehend through the five senses and the thinking mind is not real.  

What I am suggesting is that it is not the whole story.  

There is a bigger picture.  

A much bigger picture.



The Kabbalists describe our Physical Universe as the 1 percent and the Non Physical Universe as the 99 percent.  

This is where the quantum physics thing comes into play.  

Quantum physics reveals that, in fact, 99% of the universe is empty space; non physical.  

It also suggests that when we observe something we define it, we create form;  it manifests in the physical universe.

I am not a Kabbalah teacher.  

I am a student.  

When I am teaching a yoga class I don’t consider my role to be that of teacher or guru.  

I see myself more as a guide. 

I have been blessed with the time, space and merit to be introduced to Kabbalah and Vipassana and Yoga and Ken Wilber and my healer Nedra and other maps and people.  

In this Series of blogs, my intention is to share.

This 8 minute video is an excellent introduction to Kabbalah.  

What a profound and dynamic “map of the territory.”

Kabbalah is like a software program that enables us to connect to (link up to) and reveal The Light of The Creator.  Don’t believe me, please.

Our soul essence is ……..

The Desire To Receive For The Sake of Bestowing onto Others.  

That is WHY we are here.  

Simple?  Yes.  

Complex.  Yes.   

This is not based on opinion, but rather, science. 

This presentation seeks to introduce.   

If Kabbalah does not resonate with you then Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory may be more appealing.  

If your main concern is the physical body because you are dealing with pain, dis-ease,  chronic illness, depression, anxiety, addiction or you are out of shape then yoga, walking, acupuncture, crania-sacral therapy, massage, bio-feedback, light therapy, Chinese herbs and supplements might be the focus, at this time.   

Each person is different and has different needs, wants and expectations.

The Yellow Brick Road is what it is.  

The road doesn’t change.  

Each person experiences it differently.  

The “added value” of the training is that it is tailored to each individual.  

As you will see later in Bucky’s writing, it comes down to each individual discovering and expressing his/her authentic self with integrity in order to achieve unity.  

The Paradox of the Paradox is that the Paradox is a Paradox.  

We are not going to get there through government programs, welfare, entitlements, social justice or collective agenda driven activism.  

It’s just not how the Universe is structured.  

Unity is achieved when each individual unit is doing his/her work.


The Yellow Brick Road; Brick (1); The Mystery

I “think” that we are not so much experiencing a paradigm shift but rather a paradigm expansion.


A great Zen Master once said,

Abstract orbit circles, artwork.

“The Practice of Zen is like traveling along a big circle…….


Does not matter much where on the circle you are.  What is ‘”critical” is that you don’t get stuck.  Keep moving.”


Zen has it’s roots planted in the seventh limb of the Eight Limb Path of Yoga; Dhyana.

Dhyana is absorption in deep meditation.

It is the immediate step prior to the goal…the destination ….Samadhi.

Samadhi is bliss/enlightenment.  It means to see without thought.

Yoga means union.

Samadhi is union with Source.

So, Why am I writing this?  Why am I starting in this way?

Without argument, we (humanity) are at a tipping point.

There are many ways to “see” it and to “experience” it and to take action or not take action.

Nevertheless, it is quite apparent we are “up against it.”

Global warming, Radical Islamic Terrorism, Cyber Insecurity, Economic Instability, North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, GMO’s, abortion, pollution, toxins, rogue viruses, racism, wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding….Need I go on?

I am writing this blog series because I am convinced that human knowledge by others of the information contained within is essential to healing ourselves and the divide we, all of us, are experiencing with others, even family members.

Twenty five years ago I took a “self-improvement” course called Lifestream.  Fantastic information and experience.

As with all of these types of courses they have the tendency to congeal into a type of cultish thing as people experience great influxes of Light by connecting with others, sharing, inquiring into different ways of looking at things and Aha moments.

They want more.

Most people who go through these types of courses are not happy and looking for answers.

Things have not been going well or are not working.


In the Rochester, NY area it tended to attract a lot of people in recovery.

Oh, the affliction of addiction.

I can’t remember the exact connection, however, Buckminster Fuller was introduced in the course work.

Buckminster Fuller (Bucky) was one of the most important 20th century thinkers, innovators and inventors.

I have read a few books of his but there is one that has been very important for my inquiry into why I am here?

What is my purpose?

Why me?

What’s it all about?

Bucky’s book is called CRITICAL PATH.

It is a big, detailed and comprehensive book.

Bucky writes long, extended, run on sentences and he makes up his own words.

For some reason I ate it up.  I read through the whole book once.

I re-read the Foreword once a month.

The word “sin”  means to “miss the mark?”  It comes from Archery.

The Cause always contains the Effect,

And the Effect always Contains the Cause.

In the Yellow Brick Road presentation I am going to use Bucky’s Foreword to Critical Path to “Corral” the “maps of the territory”

“The OK Corral.”

Remember, It ain’t pretty.

Will humanity repeat it’s past mistakes or are we at a “tipping point” and, perhaps, it will be a happy ending after all?

Bucky’s writing is in bold.

My commentary is in italics.

May we” travel” together like Dorothy and her friends in The Wizard of Oz as we take the trip.

There are good witches and bad witches.

There are people you can trust and there are thieves and deceivers.

There are good times and bad.

There are unexpected mishaps and there are fortunate events.

There is a season for this and a season for that.

There is illusion and there is what is real.

And it is all about the journey back home;  To “Source.”

Ayn Rand said in her book ‘Atlas Shrugged’ ……”If you question your results then check your assumptions.”

Awakening, enlightenment, realization. healing all happen when one is able to see beyond their assumptions.


Assumptions are not bad or good.

They are blocks when unconscious.

They can be powerful “channels” when applied with consciousness.


In 1998 I was living in Boca Raton, Florida and got a job as a sales representative for a debt consolidation company.


My job was to contact clients who had responded to an advertisement for debt help, gather their information to determine if they qualified for our program, send them out the required paperwork/client agreement, receive back the signed paperwork and first payment and send them to customer service.

The sales department was small.

I fast became good at the job.  I thought I wouldn’t  because, in the past, I had such fear when I tried to prospect or present.

My business acumen is more in systems and procedures, training assessment, development, implementation and facilitation.

At the time, a lot of people were in credit card debt.  Interest rates were high. Economy had slowed.

The company was poised for growth.

The internet was just beginning to emerge and that was opening up even more opportunity.

Week 6 into the job I signed up the most amount clients in the room.

I was the top sales “dog” that week.

I sensed an opportunity here.

Worked hard.

Got to the office at 6am and often did not leave until 8pm.  Even worked Saturdays.

About a year prior to this I had started to read Ken Wilber.

Ken is one of the most prolific thinkers, authors and presenters of our time.

Pure genius.

Read his book, ‘A Brief History of Everything” and others.

The big book……..  The one that synthesized everything Ken was writing about, at that time, was encapsulated in his book  ‘Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; The Spirit of Evolution.’

This is the book that really introduces and explains, what would become his most important work….Integral Theory.

Ken describes his four quadrant theory of how everything in our universe evolves.

I learned about lines of development, states of development, stages of development and quadrants of development.

Ken, like Bucky, is hard reading.

Again, I soaked it up.

I read Sex, Ecology and Spirituality three times.  It’s 800 pages long.

As a training developer I knew that one could apply training in three general areas:

  1.  Impart Knowledge.  One can hear about something or read a book about something or become aware of something.  A trainer can do this through lecture, reading assignments, etc.  This is the awareness stage.  It is the “waking up” stage in the training process.  It is understanding “the game” that is being played.
  2. Skill Development.  One can learn the skills necessary to do the job.  How to use the computer, how to read the presentation, how to work a tool.  One understands more deeply what is learned after knowing about it.  This is the exploration, inquiry, learning, intellectualizing, testing, illuminating stage in the training process.  Always some skill to learn or hone.  Professional athletes are constantly practicing and honing their skills.
  3. Cognitive approach; Attitude.  There is an optimal mindset for approaching a job or task.  A trainer can introduce and enhance this attitude.  This is the stage of Mastery and Transformation. It is really “getting it”.  The attitude we wanted to hire and train was one that was positive, solution-oriented and directive.

Exploring and understanding  Ken Wilber’s work and his Integral Theory I now had a deeper understanding of how these three areas of training could be applied in the systems and procedures of the debt management business.

As I was realizing success as a sales rep. I got an itch to write a Systems and Procedures and Training Manual for the Sales Department.I had designed and produced The Franchise Training Manual for Microtel  Corp. …….I could do this.


I locked myself in my room for a weekend and pounded out a 20 page Manual.

I even had clip art and it was in color!

I subtitled the manual





The Yellow Brick Road.

Gave it to the owner of the company to look at.

That day he took me off the phone and made me Director of Training for the sales department.

He wanted me to hire, train and develop consolidators using the Training Manual.

We went from 10 sales reps to 80 in 12 months.

Here is a 20 minute video of Ken Wilber introducing Integral.

He battles an Immune Deficiency Disease that sometimes affects his speech.

Struggling a bit here.

As we go through Bucky’s Foreword and my commentary keep an open mind.  The path of healing and recovery requires persistent and continual attention.

Kind of similar to managing Type 1 Diabetes.

You ignore it for awhile and it will get away from you.

One thing I have learned is that there is no coercion in spirituality.

This means everyone must do their own work.

Another can only guide or show the way.

We are each here to do our own work and achieve unity that way.

I know that this path of inquiry is not for everyone.


“Now The Inquiry of Yoga.”

           Patanjali Sutra 1



This presentation is for the spiritual aspirant or someone seeking a way to explore possible higher perspectives and ways to achieve transformation.

The Yellow Brick Road is an introduction to the path of healing and recovery.

To engage with “it” requires two things:

First, one must be able to suspend one’s beliefs.  While doubt is the opponent it is also the quickest doorway to spiritual growth.  Belief is not what is needed in today’s world.  Belief is concretization of the abstraction which is a symptom of psychosis and schizophrenia.

Second, one must have the ability to suspend one’s disbelief.  It is really the same thing.  Disbelief is belief in disguise.  Disbelief creates and sustains illusion and results in delusion.

“The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he does not exist.”



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