Diabetes Support Group Meeting

I went to an Adult Diabetes Support Group Meeting the other day.  It was the first time I have been to a support group meeting for diabetes.  There were about 12 people there including three young children that were brought by one of the participants.  THe meeting lasted for 3 hours.  Most of us were on the pump.  There was a group facilitator and she was not a diabetic.  I have been developing ideas on how to help others with diabetes and the meeting confirmed to me that there is a need out there.  Everyone of us was at a different place.  And everyone us is at a different place with respect to the handling of diabetes in our life.  Diabetes is not a disease that can be dealt with separate or apart from dealing with oneself. The facilitator of the group used a visual in the group that I had been writing about.  “Put your mask on first before assisting others.”  Instructions we hear before taking off in a plane.  It is especially true with diabetes.  Forget about it!  If you don’t handle your shit first you are screwed in this game.  In the meantime I saw some that were coasting….Ok, don;t blame them but let’s go …………As for me….I am perfect of course….just perfect.  Hope someone reads this..

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