Philosophy & Experience

I work with organizations, small groups and individuals in:

1.  Assessing the current situation and Establishing targets for growth

2.. Creating and implementing system changes.

3..  Developing training strategies and protocols.

4.  Supporting implementation.

5.  Managing outcomes.

My career experience, combined with my life experience, has yielded an approach that is eclectic and evolving.

It is also holistic.

It is critical that all aspects of the environment and ourselves are looked at and, if appropriate, accounted for.

A great Zen Master once said ….

“We are all traveling in a big circle.

Does not matter much where on the circle you are.  

What is important is that you keep moving.”

Change/Growth and Transformation is happening all the time.

We are in a rapidly changing environment.

We are growing and changing so fast that, I believe, we are experiencing a profound transformation ultimately culminating in a paradigm expansion.

I guide, introduce, orient and discuss several “maps of the territory.”

One of these maps is the growth process itself, also called the change or transformation process.

There are many ways to view growth.

One way is through the five stage growth process:

Stage 1:  What is the desired outcome?  What is the challenge? What game are we playing?  What is the objective?

In the growth process this stage is called …..


If the cup is full there is no desire to grow.  This is the awareness stage.  What is not known is allowed to be included.  Every journey starts with the first step.  This is step one in the process.  There may be several objectives that are identified that are in need of attention.  It is best to start with one.  Stage one is the process of confronting confusion with conscious awareness and resolving to engage with a positive, solution oriented and responsible approach and attitude.

Stage 2:  What are the components/functions involved?  What must be accounted for?  What are the ingredients?  This is the brainstorming stage.

In the growth process this stage is called ……..


We have identified the game or ‘movie’ we have decided to play out. Now, we must equip ourselves with what is needed to play.  When in brainstorming mode, it is important to cultivate an open and non judgmental mind set.  Good practice is to list everything that is thought of and then go through and prioritize in order of importance.

Stage 3:   What is our strategy?  How are we going to play?  What systems and procedures do we need to put in place?  This is the creative step.  We take our list of ingredients, component parts and functions we identified in stage 2 and create innovative, design oriented processes to get done what needs to get done.  We create checks and balances and feedback loops.

In the growth process this stage is called ……


It’s analogous to obtaining and mixing together all the ingredients needed to create a cake and putting it into the oven to bring it all together.

Stage 4:   Time to Implement.  This is the Action step in the process.  In the game analogy, this is play.  This is the engagement stage.  We are working the systems, procedures and training that we identified and created.

In the growth process this stage is named …..


The seed that was planted in stage 1 blossoms.

Stage 5:  If there is growth then there is a result or outcome.  This stage in the process is about managing outcomes.  What do we do with them?

In the growth process this stage is called…….


The fruit has manifested.

Optimal outcome management celebrates this with enjoyment and appreciation.

The fruit also contains a seed.

The masters of growth and change recognize this and ensure that the seed that is found in the fruit is planted; recycled.

This is about giving back or sharing and going “back” to stage 1 to continue a new growth cycle.

I have created and discovered multiple perspectives of this five step process.

An important part of my philosophy involves the concept of restriction.

It is through the process of restriction that all things of value are birthed.

Think about the birth of  a human being or the outcome of the energy that an accomplished athlete puts into the countless hours of working out and practice.

Every business flow or system should have restrictions built into it.

Without restriction the flow will bleed out quickly, the system will short circuit or burn out.

Another critical aspect is the use of Upfront Agreements.

So important to start off in any relationship with a clear and unambiguous understanding of what we are wanting to accomplish and how we we plan to get there.

Agreements can always be changed and modified as we grow and learn more.

Graduated from The University of Rochester in 1984.  Bachelors of Arts in Political Science/Economics.

Graduate Studies at Rochester Institute of Technology 1994.  Developmental Psychology.

Certified Yoga Teacher – Kripalu Yoga Center 2006.

Job Titles – Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Systems and Procedures Developer, Director of Quality Assurance  and  Director of Training.

  • Microtel Franchise and Development Corporation (1987-1995)
  • Debt Consolidation Industry (1998-2012)
  • Writer, Consultant and Yoga Guide (2012-Present)

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Cell:   954-254-8871