Post #9: Transforming Diabetes/The Art of Living

If you are this far along the path of Transforming Diabetes and have really done the work then you may have had a shift in perspective.





Diabetes is difficult.

Life is difficult.

Most everyone has something they are struggling with.

I am sure that the experience of diabetes is a bit different for everyone.

Those who are diagnosed as an infant grow up knowing no other way. Children diagnosed before age 12 will experience it differently than those diagnosed in their teens.  A diagnosed as an adult means more advanced coping mechanisms in place, perhaps.

We all have a path.

We all have a mountain to climb

There are different developmental stages with different perspectives, capacity and life experience.





We all have our cross to bear.

In the teachings of the Buddha you will find that he identifies the cause of suffering as attachment to that which is impermanent.

Attachment creates craving for those things which we like and find pleasure in and aversion to those things that we don’t like or cause us pain.

Both craving and aversion result in suffering because we don’t always get what we desire and we often get what we don’t want.

The stronger the attachment, the stronger the craving and aversion.

The stronger the craving and aversion the stronger the suffering.

We are attached to sensual gratification, to things, people, our ego, our sense of I.

The cause of suffering is attachment and attachment is rooted in ignorance. Simply put, ignorance to the reality that everything is impermanent; Everything that arises is bound to pass away.

My main goal/objective/desired outcome in writing Transforming Diabetes is to ease the suffering it can cause.

If we follow the Buddha’s thinking and discoveries then anyone affected by diabetes, whether you have the condition or not, should look to what we are attached to that is resulting in craving and aversion.

I will get to the root of the problem (ignorance) in a bit.

Perhaps what we want is to just not have diabetes.

If we run this program through our mind, body and spirit we will surely create much suffering because the fact is that it is here and it is not going away.

This is critical.

You can react with anger or rage. You can be depressed and sad. But if you are continuously allowing yourself to desire not to have the disease or not wanting to deal with it then you are creating a rough road ahead for yourself.

Don’t get me wrong.

I desire that I never got diabetes and that it would just go away.

When I learned about the teachings of people like the Buddha and other metaphysical maps of the territory (of life) I began to dissolve some of my ignorance around how things really work.

I don’t want diabetes but I don’t allow myself to be attached to that thought.

As I released the attachment to it my suffering eased and the path to balance was illuminated.

People are not stupid but they sure can be ignorant.

Allowing yourself to be attached to the thought and the desire to not have diabetes is not stupid. It is brilliant. I can’t think of a better thought.

I am not suggesting that you throw away that desire or that thought. In fact, the desire of not wanting to have diabetes, which has transformed into my mission to heal my diabetes, is what drives me.

I am asking you to release your attachment to this thought and desire.

It is kind of like a paradox the way this works.

By releasing your attachment you free yourself to pursue your desire with less suffering.

This is the middle path.

Transforming Diabetes is an evolving process.

I do hope that this series of posts has provided you with information and perspective in dealing with a very challenging life situation.

I hope that it has created movement leading to transformation.

I hope and I pray that it has eased some of the suffering it can create.

May all beings be happy

May all beings be at peace

May all beings be liberated




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