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Mission:  To Discover, Realize and Experience a Cure from Type 1 Diabetes

Perspective is Relative.  

Check out some of the writing I have done over the last 10 years about diabetes, yoga, God, Poker, Golf.  Remember…It’s only a perspective.  I see this life as more of an inquiry than anything else at this time.

Truth is Absolute.

ABOUT THIS SITE:  I began writing several years ago about having Type 1 diabetes.  I was diagnosed at age 14 in 1976.  Still here and still trying to figure out how to cure it.  I have a blog tab that includes all my posts.  In addition, I wrote two series that can be found on navigation tab section.  Transforming Diabetes is a description of my system of living with T1D mixed with how yoga has been of so much benefit.  The most recent series is called The Yellow Brick Road.  Perhaps, a perspective of “The Path” to a cure.  If not the path then perhaps some “signs” or tracks.    

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