Welcome to Choicetimes

“Better a single day of life seeing the reality of arising and passing away than one-hundred years of existence remaining blind to it.”

The Buddha

MISSION – We, as a group, are engaged in a process of awakening on five “levels” (Physical, Energetic/Mental/Higher Self/Bliss Self (Soul)) via five “phases” (Confront with Right Alignment, Explore with an approach of open and curious inquiry, Awaken to The Reality of Things, Apply what we learn and Celebrate our results.)

We are currently utilizing yoga, meditation, metaphysical map study, Sangha development and other modalities.

We started the first “phase” at the end of March 2020. All of of our sessions and communication are via zoom, email, phone, text and this website.

Here is a short video introducing you to this website.

My role is to be the guide. The true teacher is within. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Mission By Phase:

Phase ZERO: “To guide others in the inquiry of yoga, meditation and other meta-physical “maps of the territory” with the objective of discovering, awakening and exploring the mind that seeks The Way.” (2020)

Phase ONE: To explore the what and the why of our awakened awareness through the inquiry and practice of yoga, meditation, Dharma study and Sangha. To experience the transformation of awareness into mastery. (January 1, 2021 – March 20, 2021)

Phase TWO: Now that we have an increased awareness and understanding of the “The Way” we begin to contemplate, strategize and consciously choose both the attention and intention given to our path forward. A clearer understanding of meaning and purpose is available in this phase. (March 21, 2021 – May 19, 2021)

Phase THREE: Everything comes together in this fourth of five phases. Our focus here is to take all that we have become aware of and establish a system of thought. It is the illumination stage in the process. (May 20, 2021 – July 24, 2021)

Phase FOUR: July 25, 2021 – September 29, 2021


“At most, someone else’s realization can act as an inspiration for others, offering guidelines for them to follow, but ultimately we each must do the work ourselves.” this quote is from The Art Of Living, Vipassana Meditation. As I was getting ready to write this assessment, I picked up this book and was just flipping through it, I am not surprised that this quote leapt out.  Michael’s years of hard work in business training and dealing with his diabetes, has lead him to many realizations.  The different healing paths converge and flow. How fortunate that he is able to share his work and discoveries with others.

My week with Michael reinforced my belief that I am a very lucky person.  I am lucky to have a second chance in life and to share with others the knowledge that I have been exposed to thanks to my good friend.  It has been a long time that I have had consecutive days such as these where I wake up and go to sleep with optimism and pride.  My relationship with my son and other family members has improved a great deal and I look forward to cultivating these special bonds.  Thanks again Michael for being who you are and sharing your wisdom. 

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By engaging with this website and the work contained within you understand that we are following the path of yoga and utilizing other “maps of the territory” that are introduced, studied, discussed for the purpose of creating a more holographic picture of The Nature of Things. None of the content or processes should be considered medical, or psychological advice. None of the information should be believed. Everything should be questioned and researched by you so that you can determine its validity and reliability. The intent of the work is to assist in the awakening of the seeking mind and to guide group members in their quest for Truth and Wisdom.