The Great Awakening

Humanity is at a “tipping point.” Anyone with half a brain can see and feel it. Technology is doubling faster and faster. It’s now at a frequency of every 18 months. We are speeding toward Kurzweil’s Singularity.

Is this a time to fear? Is it an opportunity? Has it happened before? What can we expect?

Well, for the past 35 years I have been focused on trying to “figure it out.” My initial motivation for searching for answers was in response to the chronic dis-ease I had acquired as a teenager. I really had a strong wish for it to be gone and this desire led me on a path of inquiry into the more metaphysical questions of life and existence. Quite frankly, there were times when I felt living with the disease was too hard. Couple that feeling with the early onset of physical complications associated with high blood sugar levels and the ominous dark cloud of hopeless-helpless sometimes descended into my mental and emotional experience of life. However, with every thing that arises in this reality we find ourselves in, its polar opposite also must also be “in play”.

So, the blessing of the curse of my experience with Type One Diabetes is that it eventually brought me to the path of seeking The Truth and this path has shown me the patterns and the maps and, sometimes, in glimpses, the territory of, at least, The Why of our presence right here right now.

Some say we are living in Biblical Times. The Rapture is imminent. The Mashiac is about to make His presence. Jesus is coming back for a second go at it. The Book of Revelation is the guide book. The Apocalypse. Making the move from 3D to 5D. The New Earth is about to be born.

Well, this year 2024 I will be establishing myself as Guide for those who wish to do inquiry into this “hypothesis” of a Great Awakening. I use the word hypothesis because for 95% of humanity on earth right now that is the best it can be. I will be using the three stages of yoga as a process template from which to do our inquiry. In other words, we will first, create proper alignment and then second, you will explore your individual personal edge. The third stage is your direct personal experience with the work.

I will be introducing several maps of perspective. As we add multiple perspectives, a holographic image begins to take form. Each person will see it slightly differently because each person sees it from a unique view point.

Those of you who have been working with me over the years will be familiar with several of the maps and references.

As the name of my website implies, I believe it is truly a monumental moment of choosing. While I understand the quantum field consists of an infinite number of possible paths, I do believe that it ultimately collapses down to a “fork in the road.” And I believe that 2024 will be the year that each human being who manages to awaken will have to choose between what is behind curtain 1 or curtain 2. There is no curtain 3. I could be wrong. However, drawing from what I have become aware of and what I have done inquiry into, I have chosen to believe that there are two choices and only two choices.

With that said let me introduce a few assumptions and the maps of inquiry:

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2 thoughts on “The Great Awakening”

  1. Very abstruse shit.. don’t claim to fully grasp it but very, very interesting & thought provoking .. still hawking dmcc.. help.. in deep debt.. drowning.. have Oscar call me😂😂😂

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, it is abstruse at first to almost anyone who is willing to confront. However, it becomes clearer as one continues to do inquiry. The next page, I begin to introduce a few of “the maps of the territory.” My last three blogs have been about the map of Spiral Dynamics…..fascinating look at human development in the realm of consciousness. Good to reconnect to you Neil.

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