The Object of The Game?

The reason I have stuck with yoga and meditation and why I continue to inquire into several maps of the territory is because I have a desire to rise above the condition I found myself in with the diabetes I acquired at age 14.  

It is such a difficult condition.  Often times it becomes overwhelming.  

I am on a social website of people with type 1 diabetes and most are struggling most of the time.  We ride a roller coaster of blood glucose levels even though we have insulin pumps and Continuous glucose monitors.  Type 1 diabetes is misunderstood condition.  It requires 24/7 monitoring and the swings in blood sugar levels we experience affect how we feel, function and even behave.

However, there is always a polar opposite to anything and everything that arises in this realm of existence.  This is not my opinion.  It is a scientific fact.

And the blessing of the curse of my chronic condition combined with my desire to “cure” it is that I have been merited with an awareness of WHY.

Why the struggle?  Why the suffering?  What is the reason? What is the object of the game?

I’m not telling you I know the answer.

I just have been blessed with an opening in my consciousness to receive the answer.

And the best way to explain what I see is that the goal of the game of life is ……….. ………. …… To Ascend.

The yoga journey is a path of Ascension…….A path back hOMe.

One of my favorite yogis right now is staying current with what is happening around us.

Is it a Puzzle – Order out of Chaos?

When I first started studying the map of Kabbalah a teacher describing “The Work” of the soul said, “it’s like we are putting a puzzle together and when we place the last piece the puzzle will LIGHT UP!”

The Free Masons describe it as “Order out of Chaos.” The Matrix appears to be chaotic. Appears being the operative word. In Truth, it is in perfect order….

“The Work” is different for each one of us because of past experience and the concept of individuality. However, when the puzzle lights up everyone will experience unity and oneness.

Studying multiple maps creates awareness.

Yoga creates alignment and union.

Meditation cultivates the environment to receive and incorporate.

This video can be seen as another piece in the puzzle. It is long and sometimes difficult to follow. It is also profound and cutting edge perspective realization…

Theory of Everything (T.O.E.)

I first listened to Clif High about 3 years ago. I could not understand him at first. Then, one day, I “got him.” What he is presenting in this 45 minute video is his Theory of Everything.

Serving as your “guide” in our inquiry of yoga, meditation and metaphysical maps of the territory allow me to provide a few definitions for you.

Woo is the unknown, esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual….etc. As in “Woo Woo”

Wobble is Clif’s description of the 22 trillion arising and passing away per second. One of his best videos (teachings) is entitled The Wobble where he describes it in detail. Yoga assigns different aspects of God to creation and destruction : Shakti and Shiva.

Watch this at your own risk. However, it is a pretty cool rabbit hole.