The Developmental Model: States and Stages

In this website you can find a lot of content on Human Development, especially some of the early writing in the blog section and The Truth Seekers page.

In our yoga sessions we have been “practicing” how to shift into different states relative to body-mind. When we are in pose we are in a state of conscious attention to movement and breath. When we enter into a Shavashana we embody the witness or the observer, And when we let go of the witness we enter the void or the ground of being. Another way to describe it is that we experience the states of the physical, the subtle and the casual.

Many of the “Maps of The Territory” have been presented to demonstrate “Stage Development.” The Post Modern mindset has sought to minimize and even eradicate the concept of hierarchy. It is seen as discriminatory or mean spirited to think of higher, or lower, stages. But the reality is that hierarchy is part of the fabric of reality and we stand at the precipice of entering a new stage of integrating all previous stages.

Along with Piaget and Maslow this website has information on the Transpersonal Psychological work of Wilber and Susan Cook-Grueter, for example.

As Wilber says, “States are free but Stages are earned.”

What stage are you in?

As your “guide” in what we do in the yoga and meditation and map inquiry it is my ‘duty’ to inform you that humanity, as a whole, is about to undergo a major paradigm shift; an evolution into the next stage in our journey back home.

A stage shift does not require all of humanity to get there before it happens. In fact, only about 3% is needed. Have you heard of the 100th Monkey concept?

It has been my intention in the work we have done together to assist in confronting, exploring and understanding this potential paradigm shift.

Now, we are poised to master and transcend by clearing the path for others to follow.

Here is a video to support what I have been talking about……