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Field Manual

For those of you who engage with The Way Seekers Group in our Final Phase Inquiry Please Read this……..

The final 5th phase in the process. STOP. I use the word final but that is not an accurate description. Yet, it does awaken us to the opportunity that there is, in fact, a destination, an ending, or at least, a “Way Point.”

As your guide, I think we need a field manual to traverse the territory we find ourselves in the this phase.

I think a lot of people skip over this step in their journey. The territory in the first four phases is unfolding. However, in this phase it is done, complete, over, full………It is the “product” of all our inquiry. This phase is qualitatively different. Movement STOPS. We are “moving into stillness here.”

If you “get” the subject-object analogy we have discussed in the past then you understand that in Phases 1-4 we are immersed as subject and now, in phase 5, we turn subject into object; We become the witness and are able to “view” all that has preceded from a higher point from when we started.

So, what is a field manual. I did some research on finding a purpose/meaning and I got this:

The field manual is a set of simple instructions that enables us to take extreme ownership even in the most extreme, chaotic, and unpredictable situations. It allows us to confront our personal landmines and avoid ambushes challenging our mission.

The field manual effectively, bullet points what we have learned so far and a to do list of to do’s for when we choose to cycle forward into our next “Phase 1 ” experience. REMEMBER, one of the descriptions of phase one is that it is called CONFUSION: CHAOS

You have heard of the saying…….”Order out of Chaos. ” Prepositions matter!.. I suggest looking at the situation differently. I suggest we look at it as finding “Order in the Chaos.” It is different attitude altogether. Instead of the goal being to turn chaos into order we accept that both are present and will remain present.

A field manual kind of implies military…..right? WAR! BATTLE.

There are 3 Levels of WAR. These 3 levels mirror loosely the three levels of wisdom according to the Buddha. The Three levels are TACTICAL, OPERATIONAL and STRATEGIC. Can you see the metaphor?

In this phase……July 19, 2021 until the end of September 2021 I will be working on developing and publishing this Field Manual.

Phase Five

After our yoga session on Sunday we will be making a shift in our journey. We are moving into the final “phase” of our quest; PHASE 5.

RE-MEMBER! This is a process and it is cyclical in nature. So, in many ways, phase 5 sets us up for the next – Phase 1.

We have studied many “maps of the territory” in our exploration. We have taught ourselves about the practice of meditation. And, we have met three times a week to practice yoga.

Phase One’s Mission is to awaken the mind that seeks the way.

Phase Two’s Mission is to explore; do inquiry.

Phase Three’s Mission is to incubate, contemplate, understand.

Phase Four’s Mission is a kind of putting it all together.

Phase Five’s Mission is to experience the results of our work.

If you have been a member of The Way Seekers Group through any part of the journey we started back in March of 2020 then I encourage you to engage as we move into phase 5. It is the fruit of our labors.

For Phase 5 we will adjust the schedule a bit:

Deep Yin Class Sunday @ 10am – 60-75 minutes.

Monday Meditation and Mapquesting Session @ 6:30pm – 60-75 minutes.

For those of you wanting classes during the week …. we will have a discussion of best times and schedule accordingly.

Now, Phase 5 ends and Phase One begins toward the end of September. So, we have a little over two months together to “bring it home.”

It is my intention, at the end of Phase 5, to embark on the building of “The Retreat Center” concept. I intend to keep an on-line offering as, I think, we have found the zoom sessions can be effective and valuable. Who knows, perhaps the retreat is on-line as well.

During Phase 5 I want to encourage you to invite guests to our group. I don’t intend to charge a fee for my services from now and the future. Instead, I will be looking for funding for my/our work. Therefore, come and be part of the groups’ work or not. I figure I will need to raise a few hundred thousands of dollars to get the retreat going. If you want to be part of that let me know……I guess I could form a not-for-profit entity to raise funds for the vision I have. I really don’t know. I am hoping to have some new insights as we work through Phase 5. If you have any ideas let me know.

I have described this work as a process. More specifically, it is a process of awakening to The Reality of Things. Some call it Dharma. Some call it The Tao or The Way. I have used the analogy provided in the movie The Matrix. Neo is offered a choice. Take the blue pill or take the red pill. For those of you who think this is a political reference …. it is not. It is a choice of waking up or staying asleep. It is your choice.

As we journey in our quest to awaken we know that there are three levels or aspects to the wisdom path:

1. We become aware of something either by being told about it, hearing about it or reading about it. This is the training level called Knowledge based training.

2. We do inquire. We engage our intellect in study, research, contemplation and incubation. This is the Skill based training.

3. Each one of us individually, has a direct personal experience with what we become aware of and inquire into. This experience adds to our perspective and understanding. It is what we base our thoughts, decisions, speech and actions. This is Attitude based training.

We can do levels one and two together. Only you and you alone can do level three.

May you choose the red pill.


I think we can safely assume we live in the midst of “systems.” Do you remember back in elementary school when you first began to read and write? Do you remember the concept of a “topic sentence?” A topic sentence usually, but not always, is the first sentence in a paragraph.

Let me break down the first sentence in this post:

I think.……we……can safely……assume…..we live in….the midst……of systems.

One way of understanding transitions within systems is that they are points of resistance or restriction resulting in some kind of change..

Ken Wilber, the inventor of the Integral theory perspective describes the changes….He calls them AQAL. Starting tomorrow for the next few weeks we will be transitioning from Phase 4 to Phase 5 in our yoga journey….

Ken Wilber

The 4th PHASE

A good Kripalu Yoga Teacher will start the class by describing what we are going to do, then, do it and then, describe what we did.

As we enter the 4th of 5 “Phases” in our inquiry of yoga, meditation and “maps of the territory” allow me to recap the past 14 months and set the stage for this phase and the final phase.


In the first phase, March 2020 – December 2020 we “confronted” the mystery of the body-mind connection through the practice and study of yoga – meditation and multiple maps of the territory. Our focus was on right alignment and discovering our personal edge.

In the 2nd phase, January 2021 – March 27 2021 we began to explore a bit deeper. At least we became more aware of being in inquiry. We has awakened the mind that seeks The Way and we went into inquiry mode.

In the 3rd phase, March 28 2021 – May 17 2021 we deepened our contemplation. We went into incubation. We considered how to best utilize our awareness of the path.

Phase 4

The 4th phase, May 17 2021 – July 24 2021, is the illumination stage in the process. We have confronted, explored and incubated. Now, we must take inventory of what we have accomplished and allow the manifestation to bloom. It is interesting that the 4th book in The Torah is named ….”The Desert.” The message being that while it appears we are not making progress, that we are in a Desert, we are really making progress with our work. It is just hidden. Will it appear as a mirage? How much longer can you hang in there. We are almost there.

Phase 5

The 5th and final phase, July 25 2021 – September 29 2021 is the manifestation stage. Actually, the way I see it, is that it is more about managing the manifestation. We are always achieving results. On a moment to moment basis we are achieving results. What do we do with them? In The Torah we have reached the proverbial “Promised Land.” What is this territory and how should we be? What do we do now?

Now What?

On September 30, 2021 we start back at phase zero. But with a larger and more efficient vessel to receive The Light of The Creator. I will be setting up the retreat experience. Want to come join me?