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THE Problem??

Let’s start here. Words are limiting. Stay Open mentally. Establish a “state of inquiry.” Suspend Belief. Understand the meaning of ” “the suspension of disbelief.” Doubt Everything.

We KNOW the destination. Our yoga map clearly states it. It is Unity, Oneness, a connection to “Source.” In fact, most metaphysical, religious or spiritual “maps” agree. Yoga calls this destination Samadhi. Other words from other maps are “Heaven, Nirvana, The Endless, Brahman ……

And furthermore, this destination is also the “Origination.” We came from Oneness and somehow are “born” into this world of Duality. Isn’t Duality The Problem? We want something we don’t have and the space in-between represents the unfulfilled, the lack, the separation, the distance……

Buckminster Fuller, in his “Re-thinking The Lord’s Prayer” writes…….”Total Accountability and Total Feedback constitute the minimum and only perpetual motion system.” There is a living relationship between the poles on each end of the continuum of duality. Nature always “seeks” balance of some sort. The Fibonacci sequence is an expression of this process. There is movement and a give and take in the precession and interaction.

I found this gem of a discourse between two great minds. It’s the end (last 15 minutes) of an hour+ discussion. There is a link in the description section to the full discussion if interested.

WARNING. This takes focus. Don’t drive or use heavy machinery while listening. Don’t multi task while listening.

As you watch, can you “see” the problem? Can you see why studying the process of expanding consciousness could be valuable to finding solutions?

Where Are We?

SO, I think we can all agree that the past year has yielded some kind of a “paradigm shift” in how we see the world around us and our “role” in it.

YOGA is one of the fundamental maps in our inquiry. We know our DESTINATION in yoga. The Eight Limb Path ‘marks’ THE PATH. The Eighth Limb is where we want to BE. Samadhi; Union with Source


You can say Phase Zero is Awakening,

Phase One is Exploration: Inquiry.

In Phase Two “it” becomes Understanding.

In Phase Three” it” shall be Mastery.

The fifth and final phase, Phase 4 is an individual’s, direct, personal experience of Samadhi, Bliss, Celebration, Accomplishment, Gift, Fruit, Union with Source, Oneness; HOME


What have we awakened to?

What knowledge and wisdom has occurred because of our inquiry?

I think it would be safe to say that each individual member of The Way Seekers Yoga group would answer that differently. Sure….some responses would be similar and some would be divergent.

Our mission now is to synthesize our awareness and the fruit of our inquiry into an enhanced understanding with a “blueprint” for the quest toward “The Final Correction.”

Here is what I propose.

  1. I wish to manifest a kind of Template that is creative and innovative and designed from all that we have done in the past year.
  2. Therefore, No new “maps”. We will take what have looked at and through a process like alchemy manifest this template.
  3. I need your help. I would like our Monday sessions for the next 5-6 weeks to be meditation plus a discussion on this template I envision. Our yoga sessions will evolve to mirror our process.
  4. Each week I will provide you with “pieces of the puzzle.” On Mondays I will have a 15-20 presentation for you. We will then immediately enter a 13 minute meditation sit followed by a wrap up discussion. You will have access to the work product in the form of videos (2 are already on the yoga page on choicetimes), manuals, live sessions, emails, etc…..
  5. We hit Phase 3 after Shavuot (May 17) and it is my intention to have completed the “blueprint; design plan, business plan.: Template” by this time. Then the next phase, Phase 3 is about securing all of the resources necessary to implement the plan.
  6. The template is universal in nature although it must, in the end, be practical in its application.
  7. I have brainstormed on designing a practical application for business training managers or owners of yoga studios or sales people. I have experience in training in the hotel and financial services industry. particularly in human development and sales. But, I have listened to many of you and I think, perhaps, the initial narrowly focused application could be targeted to people dealing with and living with diabetes (Both Type 1’s or Type 2’s). It could include health care workers, friends, family etc. Give me a few weeks to expand and explain my thinking to you.

As preparation for Monday night’s session please watch this 10 minute video on The Golden Ratio and The Fibonacci sequence. This is not a new map. I introduced it last summer and now is the time to review it. I want to use this to buttress my rationale for The Template.

Passover (Pesach)

Passover began March 27th at sundown. It ends on the 4th of April. This Saturday is “The 7th of Pesach.” It corresponds to the day in the Biblical story when the Jewish Nation has left Egypt and is up against the Red Sea. “It’s a Red Sea Moment” is a phrase to describe the time(s) you are up against a seemingly insurmountable wall or block or challenge or problem or situation or whatever. It doesn’t look good. Within the Nation of Israel there were four reactions to the situation they faced with the Red Sea in front of them and The Egyptian Army approaching because Pharaoh had a “change of heart” after letting them go from slavery. The first group was the biggest group and they wanted to surrender and go back to Egypt and slavery. The second group were warriors and wanted to fight the Egyptians. A third group wanted to commit suicide because they did not want to go back to slavery. The fourth group which was really one person plus Moses began to walk into the Sea. The water reached his nose and the Sea Split.

The story is like the physical/material world. The physical/material world is the 1%. If you don’t see this or believe this that is ok. Just for a moment suspend your disbelief and hold this “assumption” about the nature of things in your thought structure. The 99% is the spiritual world. It can’t be seen or proven. It can’t be forced upon some one. There is no coercion in spirituality. Most of us can only perceive the 1%. That’s ok. A matter a fact, awareness of this is the starting point. Awareness combined with humility. From this point the path must begin. Every moment is an opportunity to re-turn to the starting point.

What is your Red Sea?. Do you want to run, fight, surrender, give up?

The Kabbalah map says that what is needed right now are two things: 1. Achieving a mental and emotional state of “Certainty beyond reason.” And, 2. The 72 Names of God; The map says to become aware of them, inquire into them and scan them.

The Yoga map tells us that we have found our personal edge. Time to explore and sustain a cognitive approach of inquiry.

The Vipassana map directs us to inject equanimity into the situation, stay aware, restrict desired or habitual reaction and watch how things change thus becoming more and more aware of the nature of impermanence resulting in less tendency to involuntary attachment resulting in less suffering and more happiness. Oye Vay!

Phase 2: The Quantum Leap

We have learned so much in the last year. At least I have! WOW. These weekly zoom classes have honed me in on many years of study, seeking right alignment, discovering and “playing” my personal “edge. This “work” with the objective of finding connection and authentically expressing my “true self.” One thing is for sure…..It’s a process!

I believe one of the benefits I bring to you in our effort is finding other ways in which the maps of yoga, meditation, consciousness and Creation’s purpose is expressed. It is my working assumption that different “perspectives” are valuable. I found this excellent 21 minute presentation that really ties many of the components of our Master Map together; It connects the dots. Let me know what you think……