There are three “levels” of WISDOM. The first is to become aware of something. The second is to do some intellectual inquiry into what you have become aware of. The third is your direct personal experience.

The maps are processes. They are processes that assist us in reaching our goal…….More on the goal later………


  2. There is a DESTINATION. ALL great mystical, religious, and metaphysical maps describe this GOAL or “Way Point” as Union with Source, Oneness, Unity, Nirvana, Samadhi……
  3. THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY. A map is a representation of a geographical area of a “state.” It is only a map. It’s function is to increase awareness, awaken the mind that seeks THE WAY, cultivate familiarity and inspire deeper inquiry.
The Chakras


  1. The doorway unto the spiritual path is, arguably, HUMILITY. The Zen Masters tell us the quickest way to ENLIGHTENMENT is to DOUBT EVERYTHING. The cup that is full cannot receive. The cup that is empty is ready. The normal inclination is to compare and contrast what you “see” in a map with what you already know, think, assume, believe. Resist that normal reaction when studying the maps of the territory.
  2. BELIEF has nothing to do with it. Even though some maps appear to be or have been transformed into belief systems that is not why we study them. In fact, it is important to suspend your beliefs while confronting, exploring and contemplating these maps. This is not easy to do. Start by suspending your disbelief. Think of it like a yoga pose. You are not divorcing yourself from your beliefs. You are simply putting them aside for this process.
  3. The GOAL of the PROCESS is to expand one’s awareness and, therefore, we look at multiple maps in order to manifest a more holographic perspective. Look for similarities and differences in them. Words/Language are limited and limiting. Different maps use different words to describe the same thing or concept.


Vipassana Meditation

Sitting in meditation is, arguably, the core practice in the process of awakening. It can be the “hub” from which all other inquiries emanate. I have discovered that The Vipassana Meditation Technique to be the most direct way to approach “sitting” in Meditation. I highly recommend purchasing this book, reading it and considering it as an integral part of your journey.

This book is a game changer

I went to the initial 10 day Vipassana Retreat. No phones, no reading, no yoga, no talking, no looking at others. It was the hardest thing I ever did. I also reduced my insulin requirement by 50% for the 10 days. As soon as we came out of “Noble Silence” I needed my normal dosage!

WARNING!!! Harsh Language. But what an accurate description.

The Fibonacci sequence

Our world is a mathematical environment. The Fibonacci sequence is a fascinating way of understanding the process of unfolding. I don’t spend a lot of time with the math. That is for you to dive deeper into. However, I can ‘see’ the relevance of this sequence. Can you?

Here is a short intro video
A deeper dive


Everything that arises does so with its’ polar opposite. It’s just the nature of our world…..Yang-Yin, Male-Female, Positive-Negative, Good-Evil, Light-Dark, Fulfillment-Desire, ……….


Integral Theory

Ken Wilber and Integral Theory is a map I found in 1997. WOW! What a comprehensive representation of the unfolding nature of our world. Wilber is for those who tend to be more ‘academic’ in nature. He uses big words and I have to stop every paragraph to look up the definition of word I don’t know or am not sure about. Wilber’s Integral Theory has grown into an online community call Integral Life. This community is in the process of injecting integral thought into many areas of our society such as Medicine and Politics.

Integral Theory’s Four Quadrant Map, Ken Wilber


Kabbalah is a map I am cautious of introducing to others. When it comes to “Religion” people tend to be protective and defensive of their current beliefs and ‘faith.’ Some even think it is apostasy to even consider another way of looking at things. Many religions put right out front…..WE HAVE FOUND ‘THE WAY’ AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY AND YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR YOU ARE AGAINST US.” This attitude turns those who are not religious off. With all that said, Kabbalah does not have the need to believe or have faith as one of its components. In fact, the first thing you hear from a Kabbalah teacher is don’t believe anything. Very Zen. A great Zen Master once said…”The quickest way to enlightenment is to doubt everything.” Think about it…..Everything arises with its polar opposite. So, to create Great Certainty one can do so by creating Great Doubt.

The Tree of Life
Don’t watch this if you don’t like going down rabbit holes.

Spiral Dynamics/Human Development/Transpersonal Psychology

I group these three ‘subjects’ into one map. There are a lot of resources in this website to choose from. In The Truth Seekers page you will find a series of Podcasts on Human Development done by Bill Harris. It is very well done.

The Big Mind Process

Check this out.

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