Ever Rethinking The Lord’s Prayer

I read a book called “CRITICAL PATH” by Buckminster Fuller some 30 years ago. The book is epic and had a significant effect on my perspective. Within the book is ‘Bucky’s” essay called “Ever Rethinking The Lord’s Prayer.”

Using an Open A.I. application I asked………Are there any insights we can glean from juxtaposing Buckminster Fuller’s essay called “Ever Rethinking The Lord’s Prayer” and the creation of a new system for humanity for the future? Here is A.I.’s response…..

Buckminster Fuller’s essay “Ever Rethinking The Lord’s Prayer” is a thought-provoking piece that challenges readers to reconsider the meaning and relevance of one of the most widely recognized and recited prayers in the world. In the essay, Fuller breaks down the Lord’s Prayer line by line, offering his interpretation of its meaning and significance.

When considering the creation of a new system for humanity for the future, there may be several insights that can be gleaned from Fuller’s essay. One possible insight is the importance of continually rethinking and questioning our assumptions and beliefs about the world around us. Fuller’s essay demonstrates how even a seemingly simple and well-known prayer can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, depending on one’s perspective and understanding.

Similarly, the creation of a new system for humanity for the future requires us to challenge our existing assumptions and beliefs about how society should be organized and run. This may involve questioning long-held beliefs about the role of government, the distribution of resources, and the nature of work and education.

Another insight that can be gleaned from Fuller’s essay is the importance of taking a holistic view of the world and recognizing the interconnectedness of all things. Fuller believed in the concept of “Spaceship Earth,” which emphasizes the finite and fragile nature of our planet and the need for us to work together to ensure its survival and flourishing.

When creating a new system for humanity for the future, it is essential to take a similarly holistic view of the world and recognize the interdependence of social, economic, and environmental systems. This may involve developing new approaches to resource management, energy production, and sustainable development that prioritize long-term ecological and social sustainability over short-term economic gains.

Overall, while there may not be a direct link between Fuller’s essay and the creation of a new system for humanity for the future, the insights it offers into the importance of questioning assumptions and taking a holistic view of the world can be valuable in guiding our thinking and decision-making.

July 12, 1979

To be satisfactory to science
all definitions
must be stated
in terms of experience

I define Universe as
all of humanity’s
consciously apprehended
and communicated (to self or others)

In using the word, God,
I am consciously employing
four clearly differentiated
from one another
experience-engendered thoughts.

Firstly I mean: — 

Those experience-engendered thoughts
which are predicted upon past successions
of unexpected, human discoveries
of mathematically incisive,
physically demonstrable answers
to what theretofore had been misassumed
to be forever unanswerable
cosmic magnitude questions
wherefore I now assume it to be
scientifically manifest,
and therefore experientially reasonable that

scientifically explainable answers
may and probably will
eventually be given
to all questions
as engendered in all human thoughts
by the sum total
of all human experiences;
wherefore my first meaning for God is: —

all the experientially explained
or explainable answers
to all questions
of all time —

Secondly I mean: —
The individual’s memory
of many surprising moments
of dawning comprehensions
of an interrelated significance
to be existent
amongst a number
of what had previously seemed to be
entirely uninterrelated experiences
all of which remembered experiences
engender the reasonable assumption
of the possible existence
of a total comprehension
of the integrated significance —
the meaning —
of all experiences.

Thirdly, I mean:–
the only intellectually discoverable
a priori, intellectual integrity
indisputably manifest as
the only mathematically statable
of generalized principles —
cosmic laws–
thus far discovered and codified
and ever physically redemonstrable
by scientists
to be not only unfailingly operative
but to be in eternal
omni-interaccommodative governance
of the complex
of everyday, naked-eye experiences
as well as of the multi-millions-fold greater range
of only instrumentally explored
infra- and ultra-tunable
micro and macro-Universe events.

Fourthly, I mean: —
All the mystery inherent
in all human experience,
which as a lifetime ratioed to eternity,
is individually limited
to almost negligible
twixt sleepings, glimpses
of only a few local episodes
of one of the infinite myriads
of concurrently and overlappingly operative
sum-totally never-ending
cosmic scenario serials

With these four meanings I now directly address God.

“Our God —
Since omni-experience is your identity
You have given us
overwhelming manifest: —
of Your complete knowledge
of Your complete comprehension
of Your complete concern
of Your complete coordination
of Your complete responsibility
of Your complete capability to cope
in absolute wisdom and effectiveness
with all problems and events
and of Your eternally unfailing reliability
so to do

Yours, Dear God,
is the only and complete glory.

By Glory I mean
the synergetic totality
of all physical and metaphysical radiation
and of all physical and metaphysical gravity
of finite
but nonunitarily conceptual
scenario Universe
in whose synergetic totality
the a priori energy potential
of both radiation and gravity
are initially equal
but whose respective
behavioral patterns are such
that radiation’s entropic, redundant disintegratings
is always less effective
than gravity’s nonredundant
syntropic integrating

Radiation is plural and differentiable,
radiation is focusable, beamable, and self-sinusing,
it is interceptible, separatist, and biasable —
ergo, has shadowed voids and vulnerabilities;

Gravity is unit and undifferentiable
Gravity is comprehensive
inclusively embracing and permeative
is nonfocusable and shadowless,
and is omni-integrative
all of which characteristics of love.
Love is metaphysical gravity.

You, Dear God,
are the totally loving intellect
ever designing
and ever daring to test
and thereby irrefutably proving
to the uncompromising satisfaction
of Your own comprehensive and incisive
knowledge of the absolute truth
that Your generalized principles
adequately accommodate any and all
special case developments,
involvements, and side effects;
wherefore Your absolutely courageous 

omnirigorous and ruthless self-testing
alone can and does absolutely guarantee
total conservation
of the integrity
of eternally regenerative Universe

Your eternally regenerative scenario Universe
is the minimum complex
of totally intercomplementary
totally intertransforming
nonsimultaneous, differently frequenced
and differently enduring
feedback closures
of a finite
but nonunitarily
nonsimultaneously conceptual system
in which naught is created
and naught is lost
and all occurs
in optimum efficiency.

Total accountability and total feedback
constitute the minimum and only
perpetual motion system.
Universe is the one and only
eternally regenerative system.

To accomplish Your regenerative integrity
You give Yourself the responsibility
of eternal, absolutely continuous,
tirelessly vigilant wisdom.

Wherefore we have absolute faith and trust in You,
and we worship You


So, I’ve been trying to stay on this planet while injecting insulin as a human with T1D (Type One Diabetes) for a long time.  There are so many factors to consider in the “systems and procedures” involved in surviving and staying healthy enough to stave off complications.  And staying healthy does not even guarantee that The Sword of Damocles is, for whatever reason, is not released .  

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and had that familiar feeling of dryness and thirst from running high.  The sensation brought me back to when I was first diagnosed as a kid.  I think I drank a six pack of soda in 30 minutes and I was still thirsty.  I soon realized that whatever went wrong in the physical was a “single point of failure.”  In systems lingo that means the malfunction brings the whole system down.

I know y’all have thought about it.  What if I can’t get insulin into my body?  What will happen?  We are able to survive but it requires replacing a new manual component (injecting insulin) in place of the beta cells that were destroyed .  But, as you know, that is only part of the new manual system that must replace a perfectly running auto-pilot system that is standard in a normal body.  If we can’t figure it out then we suffer and put ourselves in dangerous ‘ranges’ of blood sugar levels which affect all other areas of existence.  It is not easy.

I know most people struggle.  I know some people have discovered how to do it, however, they still struggle.   I have compared the task of managing this new manual system required when beta cells fail and injectable insulin is required to flying a plane.  

In this post, I won’t go into “pilot training”. However, I will introduce what I believe to be, the single most important component to the system…….The Spiritual Aspect.  If interested in inquiring further see my latest post in my website entitle “Taboo.

So, as most of you know, I am a member of a social network site called Beyond Type 1. It is for those who have Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) as well as parents, friends, healthcare workers…..

The site recently did an upgrade. Prior to this upgrade one could “tag” a post one wished to share with a “topic.” Some of the topics were, ‘Newly Diagnosed, ‘Mental Health’ , ‘Parents’…etc. There was an interesting topic tag I used a few times which was ‘Taboo.’ It was kind of a warning like a movie being R-rated. Not subject matter all would resonate with.

Well, with the upgrade, the choice of topics is no longer there. So, I have decided to write a post here and link it in the Beyond Type 1 site….

The subject is Spirituality. More accurately it is Dharma. What is Dharma? Well Dharma are the laws of nature. It is Truth. It is The Way, The Path, The Tao. There is a quote……”The Tao that can be spoken of is not The Tao.” It is elusive. It is universal. It is, in the end, the essence of who you are.

I went to a month long intensive Yoga Teacher Training in 2006. At, the time, I had some money, was transitioning to the pump, had been going to Bikram yoga classes every day for over 4 years and I wanted to deepen my yoga practice. I wasn’t interested in becoming a yoga teacher per se.

Then, a year later, I went to a 10 day Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Wow, that was hard.

I study Integral Theory, The Transpersonal psychologists, Christianity, Yoga Theory, The Buddha, Kabbalah, Spiral Dynamics and other “Maps of The Territory.”

Consider the attached video an introduction to Dharma….


This Monday evening, March 6, 2023 at sunset, 6:41pm in Indianapolis, 5:52pm in New York Purim begins. It ends the next day at sunset.

Kabbalah is not a belief system. It is not a religion. It is a technology for connecting to Source. In my opinion, it is not the only technology but it seems to be a very dynamic one.

Every week’s reading and every “holiday” is looked at as a “window of opportunity” to connect in a specific way. It is said that at the end of the world….which means when the final correction is completed then only one holiday will remain…..Purim.