What’s Really Going On?

I watched the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and I swear everybody looked like cartoon characters.  It was a bit appalling no matter what world view you have.  Questions arise but it really all boils down to a fight over “Power.”  That is our quest.  That is the human quest.  Power.  What is worse than feeling powerless?  More power means more freedom.  Less power means less freedom.  Or so it seems.

Of course, most of us know too little to make an accurate assessment.  My Liberal friends seem to be caught up in the wave of resistance and opposition to anything President Trump does, suggests, says or nominates.  My Conservative friends are impatient and want to move faster.  It seems like a perfect recipe for stagnation but, I believe, we are not standing still at all.  I believe things are moving faster than any of us can imagine.

Will Judge Kavanaugh be confirmed?  Not sure.  One thing is for sure…This upcoming midterm election is a big one.  If the Democrats are correct in their prediction of a Blue Wave and take over control of Congress then everything will come to a grinding halt and there is a good chance of impeachment.  If the Republicans can sustain control of Congress then the “blockade” will be broken and the flood gates will open.  God help us!