Post #3: Transforming Diabetes/The Journey Begins

Perhaps, you have accepted diabetes.

Perhaps, you cannot or will not.

Perhaps, you feel you are somewhere in the middle; You are “on it” sometimes and just don’t want to deal with it at other times.

If you are this far into “Transforming Diabetes” then you have agreed to make “your” diabetes the number one priority for the next 21 days. You may be asking….Why 21 days??  It has been shown in cognitive behavior psychology that it takes 21 days to shift physically, mentally and emotionally from one perspective to the next.

This process is about confronting a chronic condition head on.

When we do this we will are in proper alignment and we create the environment for change, growth, transformation, transcendence, illumination, revelation, healing…A CURE! Continue reading Post #3: Transforming Diabetes/The Journey Begins

Post #2: Transforming Diabetes/Orientation

First of all a little more about your host or guide.  My name is Michael.  I grew up in Upstate NY and am the oldest of four children.  I have a brother and two sisters.  My childhood was good. I did well in school and played soccer and hockey.

Diagnosed at age 14 and in ninth grade.

Parents came back from a vacation and found me incredibly thirsty and peeing all the time.

Father, a doctor, became suspicious and sent me to my doctor for blood tests.

Normal blood sugar is between 75 to 120 mg/dl.

I was in the 500’s.

Admitted into the hospital.  Weight had dropped from 126 to 99 pounds in three days. Body had lost a lot of water and was breaking down.

After a few days of insulin injections gained it all back.

Spent a week in the hospital.

Was released on Thanksgiving day 1976.

Cruel Joke???

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Post #1: Transforming Diabetes/Introduction

Transforming Diabetes (TD) seeks to ease the suffering that the diagnosis and daily management of diabetes creates.


TD utilizes a yogic and a systems approach 





Transforming Diabetes is intended to be informative, enlightening and useful.

Any discussion of diet, insulin, exercise or what to do, or how to do it are what I have done to transform my diabetes and achieve balanced blood sugar.  You should make no change in diet, insulin or exercise unless you feel comfortable doing so and/or consulting with your doctor. Continue reading Post #1: Transforming Diabetes/Introduction