Client Written Review

This is written review from one of my clients who I guided through a 5 day personal transformation (systems and yoga based) training.

“At most, someone else’s realization can act as an inspiration for others, offering guidelines for them to follow, but ultimately we each must do the work ourselves.” this quote is from The Art Of Living, Vipassana Meditation. As I was getting ready to write this assessment, I picked up this book and was just flipping through it, I am not surprised that this quote leapt out.  Michael’s years of hard work in business training and dealing with his diabetes, has lead him to many realizations.  The different healing paths converge and flow. How fortunate that he is able to share his work and discoveries with others.

Michael had sensed my need, the difficult place I was in and threw out a lifeline.  My personal situation was dealing with a troubled relationship, a year in couples therapy,(with not as much progress as I had hoped).  My “nest” had just emptied.  My physical state was wanting, my diet was lacking and I knew I did not want to continue to take anti-depressants for the rest of my life.

So… still shaking my head in wonder at how all this came to be (my place in my life, and this next step) I arrive in Florida. Knowing that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we had 5 days to work with, we didn’t waste a lot of time.  We both wanted to accomplish as much as possible. Michael gave me an overview of what we would be doing with our time together. We caught up and got to work.

I was given the book on Vipassana meditation to read once at home.  We started the first morning with “beginner” meditation.  It feels restful and awakening at the same time.  This is something I plan on (and do) continue at home.  We start each day with quiet 20 minute meditation. (It feels like 2 minutes).

Bikram yoga, 90 minutes of doing 26 postures in a 105 degree room, intimidating? You bet.  Anticipating myself in said room? Frightening.  The feeling of accomplishment afterward? Priceless.  It was and is, without a doubt, the hardest physical thing I’ve ever done by choice.Why do I continue to do practice over a month later? Because it’s the best thing I’ve been shown for body and mind.  Bikram yoga is rejuvenating.  My body is changing (for the better).  My mind is clearer.  When I practice in the morning, I’m fully ready to face the day.  When practiced in the evening, I feel as though my day is complete.  It’s a big part of learning how to take care of myself, how to put myself first, when so much of my life was spent putting others first.

There were several books I was expected to read during “down time”.  As our time was very full, I did not accomplish all the reading Michael or I had wanted.  I was introduced to the Kabbalah through Becoming Like God by Michael Berg.  I believe, no matter what religion you are familiar with (if any) there is truth to be learned from this study.  I intend to continue to learn.

In addition to podcast and books, there were DVD’s to watch.  All were informative and entertaining, some required participation that was very helpful.  Helpful with perception of  self, meditation and understanding of others.

It’s funny, when I first heard about some of the things we would be doing, my initial reaction was ooooh! massage! yea! that’s  for me!  In the end though it was everything.  Everything we did was ooooh! yea! that’s for me!  The body work was amazing.  In addition to traditional massage, I was also given the opportunity to experience cranio sacral therapy and accupunture for the first time.  I’m still looking for practitioners where I live.

What I’m left with now….foremost, is gratitude.  I’m grateful to Michael for this opportunity, the wonderful meals, the fellowship, and the patient instruction.  I also have these tools that Michael has shared with me.  Aside from knowledge on all these different subjects, Michael possesses the gift of interpreting.  He can explain all these approaches at length.  If you can’t quite grasp something, he can rephrase it for you so you can understand or start to understand.  Michael is a gentle, non reactive, intuitive guide.

It was no accident that we reconnected at this time in our lives.  Michael is ready to teach, guide, and share and I was ready to listen, learn and try.  I would highly recommend this experiential training to anyone, no matter what is currently a roadblock in your life.  If there is a physical, spiritual, emotional or mental need for growth, this is a viable and rewarding path to take.  Even if you only take one single thing home with you, it is well worth the time and the trip.  Can I come back now?