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We have a location in upstate NY on the east bank of Cayuga Lake that is a perfect setting for a small group ( four to eight participants) retreat/intensive.




Beautiful accommodations with yoga/fitness room right on the lake.

Home again 064

You design your own retreat.


There is nothing more effective than a few days to apply focused concentration.



If you are a group you can come for a few days of rest and relaxation with yoga, meditation, good food, golf, finger lakes wine tours, gorge hikes.


4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, wrap around deck, fitness/yoga room, huge deck, paddle boards, access to boat rides……..and a lot more.

Home again 091

Home again 070

Set your own itinerary.

If you want us to collaborate with you we can talk about integrating one or all of the following:

  • My take on of yoga as a healing tool for my diabetes.
  • Introduction to Vipassana Meditation
  • Introduction to Kabbalah
  • Introduction to Spiral Dynamics (Map of human cognitive development)
  • Introduction to Integral Theory (Ken Wilber)
  • Shadow Work
  • Acupuncture
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Massage
  • Chines Herbs
  • Supplements
  • Diet Counseling
  • Bio-Feedback
  • Laser Therapy
  • Light Therapy
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Chakra Balancing

As far as food….many options all tailored to your desires.


Let’s Do This.



Post #9: Transforming Diabetes/The Art of Living

If you are this far along the path of Transforming Diabetes and have really done the work then you may have had a shift in perspective.





Diabetes is difficult.

Life is difficult.

Most everyone has something they are struggling with.

I am sure that the experience of diabetes is a bit different for everyone.

Those who are diagnosed as an infant grow up knowing no other way. Children diagnosed before age 12 will experience it differently than those diagnosed in their teens.  A diagnosed as an adult means more advanced coping mechanisms in place, perhaps.

We all have a path.

We all have a mountain to climb

There are different developmental stages with different perspectives, capacity and life experience.





We all have our cross to bear.

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Post #8: Transforming Diabetes/The Reward

You have been now been introduced to 4 of the 5 steps in a systematic developmental process with strong influence of yoga guided by a guy who has 40 years of experience living with Type 1 Diabetes.

First, we confronted the situation head on and determined our objectives.  




Second, we identified and started to understand the component parts of the system that we need to account for and the feedback we desire and require.

Third, we created an integrated system.

This system seeks to mimic, as best as possible, the system fatally damaged due to a diagnosis of diabetes.

The first three steps create the foundation.

The fourth step is the experience of illumination and mastery.  The Chakra associated with this step is accessed and begins to illuminate when we have done our work in the first three.  

We now have more clarity

We have shifted our perspective and have transcended what we have been immersed in.

We have become more accountable and more response-able.

There is one step in the process yet to discuss.

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Post #7: Transforming Diabetes/The Heart of the Matter

The chakras are energy centers that ascend vertically up the body.  There are anywhere between 7-10  sometimes more depending on what or who you read, talk with or listen to. 

The first chakra is called the base or root chakra and is located behind the pelvic bone.

It represents our grounding and is the energy center. 



The second chakra is located approximately 1 inch below the naval and concerns our emotions, sexuality and desires.

It controls our relationships and interactions with people and things. 



The third chakra is located just below the breast bone in the solar plexus.

It is the root of our emotional balance, personal power and metabolic energy. 



The first three steps of Transforming Diabetes mirrors the energy in the first three Chakras.

1. Goals/Objective/Seed Level  ******Root

2. Functions/Component Parts ******Relationships/Desires

3. Integrated System ****** Balance/Power/Energy

The intent in yoga is to open these energy centers and create alignment amongst them.

It is only when you open and align the lower three chakras that the energy moves to the fourth.

Most human beings have their energy stuck somewhere within the lower three chakra areas. Continue reading Post #7: Transforming Diabetes/The Heart of the Matter

Post #6: Transforming Diabetes/The Integrated System

  • We have oriented ourselves to the attitude of 100% acceptance and commitment.
  • We have established three goals/objectives/desired outcomes.
  • Adopted an attitude that goals are for planning and results are for pleasure.
  • Brainstormed and flushed out the component parts of the system we are tasked to re-create and monitor.

If you have completed the exercises in the prior post then you have:

  • Established your Insulin dosage requirements.  Basal, Insulin to Carb and ISF
  • Become consciously aware of the number of Carbohydrate and Fat grams you are ingesting and are getting better at knowing what you are eating.


  • Explored and investigated how other factors influence your blood sugar and insulin efficiency.  Factors like,  amount of carbs/fat per meal, jogging, yoga, meditation, going to the dentist, driving your car.
  • You are testing your blood sugar at least 10x/day.  You are beginning to understand spikes, peaks and trends.

Are you on track?

Ready to move forward?

If not then STOP.

Go back and review the three goals.   

Where or what is the resistance?  

Identify the resistance and apply what you have learned from this process so far to resolve it.  

Return to this point in the process when you are ready…
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