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Post #6: Transforming Diabetes/The Integrated System

  • We have oriented ourselves to the attitude of 100% acceptance and commitment.
  • We have established three goals/objectives/desired outcomes.
  • Adopted an attitude that goals are for planning and results are for pleasure.
  • Brainstormed and flushed out the component parts of the system we are tasked to re-create and monitor.

If you have completed the exercises in the prior post then you have:

  • Established your Insulin dosage requirements.  Basal, Insulin to Carb and ISF
  • Become consciously aware of the number of Carbohydrate and Fat grams you are ingesting and are getting better at knowing what you are eating.


  • Explored and investigated how other factors influence your blood sugar and insulin efficiency.  Factors like,  amount of carbs/fat per meal, jogging, yoga, meditation, going to the dentist, driving your car.
  • You are testing your blood sugar at least 10x/day.  You are beginning to understand spikes, peaks and trends.

Are you on track?

Ready to move forward?

If not then STOP.

Go back and review the three goals.   

Where or what is the resistance?  

Identify the resistance and apply what you have learned from this process so far to resolve it.  

Return to this point in the process when you are ready…
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Post #5: Transforming Diabetes/Breaking it Down

“Total Accountability and Total Feedback constitute the minimum and only perpetual motion system.” Buckminster Fuller-Critical Path.

In order to re-create the system that has been damaged due to the onset of T1D we must first determine what it is we have to account for.  

Then we have to figure out how to receive and assess the information we need (feedback) in order to make necessary corrections.

It will not ever be perfect.

In this training process our objective is to attain average blood sugar levels of 150 and below over a 3 month period.

We know that normal blood sugar averages below 120.

Want to avoid going low (below 75).

Want to keep our “spikes,” after we eat, below 200.

There are so many component parts and functions to this system.

Let’s focus on the critical ones here.

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Post #4: Transforming Diabetes/The Problem

The primary and immediate problem we confront with T1D is the absence of insulin.

The solution to the problem is to inject insulin subcutaneously.

In a normal body the insulin is introduced through a duct in the pancreas directly into the digestive track.  A T1D injects with a needle or an insulin pump a bit deeper than under the skin but not in the muscle and, God Forbid, not into the vein.

The solution enables the body to survive.

Now we are left with a very difficult challenge.

We want to attain normal and balanced blood sugar with this synthetically manufactured insulin that is going into the body in an abnormal manner.


Not an easy task.

Definitely a 10.0+ on the degree of difficulty scale.


The solution is not easy.

However, it is doable.

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Post #3: Transforming Diabetes/The Journey Begins

Perhaps, you have accepted diabetes.

Perhaps, you cannot or will not.

Perhaps, you feel you are somewhere in the middle; You are “on it” sometimes and just don’t want to deal with it at other times.

If you are this far into “Transforming Diabetes” then you have agreed to make “your” diabetes the number one priority for the next 21 days. You may be asking….Why 21 days??  It has been shown in cognitive behavior psychology that it takes 21 days to shift physically, mentally and emotionally from one perspective to the next.

This process is about confronting a chronic condition head on.

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Post #2: Transforming Diabetes/Orientation

First of all a little more about your host or guide.  My name is Michael.  I grew up in Upstate NY and am the oldest of four children.  I have a brother and two sisters.  My childhood was good. I did well in school and played soccer and hockey.

Diagnosed at age 14 and in ninth grade.

Parents came back from a vacation and found me incredibly thirsty and peeing all the time.

Father, a doctor, became suspicious and sent me to my doctor for blood tests.

Normal blood sugar is between 75 to 120 mg/dl.

I was in the 500’s.

Admitted into the hospital.  Weight had dropped from 126 to 99 pounds in three days. Body had lost a lot of water and was breaking down.

After a few days of insulin injections gained it all back.

Spent a week in the hospital.

Was released on Thanksgiving day 1976.

Cruel Joke???

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