The Five Perspectives

I would like to offer Five perspectives that, taken as a whole, includes all possible Perspective. Then, I would like to juxtapose this five set Perspective with other “maps of the territory.”

WHY? Good Question.

ANSWER: We are here to find the patterns of Sankhara and dissolve them. This is the path of The Buddha and All Enlightened Masters. Confronting The WHY and The How and The What of existence

These five perspectives describe every angle of how anything emerges. Individual humans and collective societies and cultures often “reduce” their understanding of Truth to one of four perspectives. One of the perspectives cannot be reduced. This reductionism is an attempt to understand, capture and own the territory of Truth. However, to really be “The whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth” one must engage all of them.

To start, I would like to introduce a map I have mentioned in passing but we have not spent a lot of time on.

Ken Wilber and Integral Theory: The Four Quadrants.

Here is a 35 minute video that is an excellent overview.

Now, Taken as a whole, the 4 quadrants create what is called a Holon. Nested Hierarchies of Holons create a Holorchy.

The fifth perspective is a transcendence of the four or rather the whole of the parts.

Now, let’s compare The Koshas, for example;…….The five “bodies” or “sheaths” or “veils” which we are made of in yogic philosophy. The Physical (the it), the energetic (the we?), the mental/emotional (the I?), the higher self (The its?) and the Bliss Body – The Transcendent!

Check out this map of Kuhn’s paradigm shift model……

For a more mystical perspective check out this article by one of my favorite Kabbalists……