Dear Doctor II

Ok I am back from my doctor’s appointment.  A1C was 6.4.  Not bad.  Cholesterol a little high but it always is.  I told him I had a few lows so he advised me on how to deal with that.   Gave me a prescription for Red Yeast Rice to lower cholesterol.  Not a very profound post here.  I am just writing to get to the next subject.  I know that the doctor visit has something to do with it.  I think the subject contains the concept of responsibility.  And you really cannot give the doctor much responsibility with this disease except to write the prescriptions and labs reports.  They are concerned with stemming the onset of complications.  I don’t want to take too many drugs.  not to take too many drugs.  Instead learn how to balance blood sugars and exercise hard and eat well……

Dear Doctor

I have a an appointment with my Endocronologist today.  I go there, wait 10 minutes to see him, he comes in and looks at my labs.  Most of the time it is pretty good I guess.  A1C’s are running below 7.0 for three years.  I think today’s number is going to be higher.  I road out a lot of high blood sugar swings in the last three months.  It will be interesting to see his reaction.  It might be good.  It is best to just wait and see what the numbers are.  Sometimes they don’t make any sense.  They could be wrong.  I thought I would sit and write a bit before going to see him.  I am really going to see him to stay in the loop with the medical/medical insurance game.  The best service I get from my doctors are the writing and reauthorization of prescriptions.  Need the scripts so I can get the goods at a good price.  So, what do I want to say to my doctor today?  I guess I should wait and see what my A1C is.  I think I am going to bring up the subject of a CGM.