Instrument of war

I watched a movie on Youtube the other day called ‘The Instrument of War.” As I watched I was mildly distracted by the usual suspects – getting a snack, incoming texts, surfing for other videos, checking the weather radar, playing a quick on-line poker game (play money), thinking about my to do list and, of course, I had the tv on in the background. The movie was a bit slow for me and then towards the end, with about 20 minutes to go, something caught my attention and I watched with all my attention until the end.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and writing about the duality we are immersed in. Can’t get away from it. Everyone talks about “oneness” or “community” or “unity” but it is always so illusive.

There is a chapter in The Bhagavad Gita (chapter 13) that could be entitled….”WHY FIGHT?” Upon awakening to the duality do we seek ‘peace” through understanding and compassion? Or do we engage as a warrior? Do we FIGHT?

“Arjuna said, O Krishna (God), if You consider understanding superior to action, why have you been urging me to this terrible action?” This apparent contradiction confuses me. Please tell me clearly: Which path will help me toward the highest good.”

The paradox is that becoming an instrument of war, Arjuna becomes an instrument of God. How? The spiritual “work” is different than the work of the ego. Both are necessary but The Soul’s journey is to cut the bonds of ego attachment to allow for an effortless upward movement toward The Divine.

I will write more about this but I link two videos here for further inquiry. The first is about morality and point towards the ties that bind the ego. The second is the movie.