The Parting of The Red Sea

This Friday night is The 7th day of Pesach (Passover). This is a very auspicious day and it represents both a day of separation and confluence.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Kabbalah is its long-hidden connection to the Bible. Kabbalah sees the Bible as code. It’s a cryptogram. A prime example of a highly charged, encoded story in the Bible is the account of Moses and the Israelites parting the Red Sea.

The story of the Red Sea happened some 3400 years ago. Six hundred thousand Israelites are stranded on the banks of The Red Sea. Pharaoh and the ferocious Egyptian army are in hot pursuit of The Israelites determined on killing those who resist and returning the rest to slavery. The Israelites are cornered. They either drown in the sea or face the Pharaoh’s chariots. It’s not much in the way of options.

Do you feel like the Israelites? What is your Red Sea? What is chasing you down?

According to Kabbalah , a tremendously powerful technology is encoded and concealed inside the story of the Red Sea. You will find it in Exodus, Chapter 14. Three verses tell the story – 19, 20 and 21. – and each verse contains 72 letters. The letters in these verses make up the 72 names of God.

72 Names of God

The Israelites called out to God for help. God replied, “Why are you calling out to me?” The 72 names is the technology Moses and the Israelites used to part The Red Sea.

If this piques your curiosity at all then you can dive deeper into it. Here is a video released today by one of my teachers. He is a bit quirky but he lays it out nicely,

The Three Concepts

The map is not the territory. It is a map…..a perspective. There are many maps. There is one ‘Territory.’ The purpose of checking out a map is to acquaint, familiarize oneself, orient……..

The Buddha identified three levels of wisdom…..1. Awareness, 2. Intellectual inquiry. 3. Direct Personal Individual Experience with the information. Look at how the Buddha’s 3 piece map of wisdom compares to the three stages of Kripalu Yoga.

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I would like to give credit to my teacher Rav Berg who writes about “the three concepts” in his book, “Nano, Technology of Mind over Matter.”

Three key concepts can be extrapolated from this “map” that have the power to unleash a transformation in physics and biology beyond all current imagining.

There is nothing that arises in our ‘world’ that does not first begin in the realm of consciousness. Consciousness always precedes physical expression without fail. All physical manifestations first begin as an idea. An idea or thought is considered part of the realm of consciousness. The same principle holds true for atoms, electrons and protons. They are all manifestations of consciousness. Consciousness is the thread that weaves through all of Creation. This is the first concept.

The other two concepts for understanding the natural world relate directly to the nature of consciousness. Specifically, there is one law that governs the realm of consciousness and there is one force that influences consciousness. The moment one truly understands the one law and the one force, all paradoxes in physics are reconciled, all conflicts vanish.

The one law states that in the realm of consciousness like attracts like and opposites repel. Everything that occurs (arises and passes away) in our reality flows from this one law.

The one force that influences consciousness is an opposing power, a countervailing force that uses the one law to conceal itself, and thus propels the world toward increasing chaos (2nd law of thermodynamics and Chaos Theory).

Now this is where it gets a little funky. Remember, it is but a map.

The one force is called Sa-Tan. The word Sa-Tan is the most corrupted and misunderstood word in the human language. Translated properly it means Adversary. Adversary refers to a force that relentlessly propels this world- and our individual selves – away from the Source of true reality. Since true reality is perfect order, the further we move away from it, and the greater the distance and space, the greater the increase in disorder.

Therefore, the Adversary is the Cause of the increasing disorder that occurs in the physical domain. On the individual level, the Adversary impels us to receive instead of share, and it is this act of receiving that distances us from the Source of perfect order and happiness.

Now, to explore just a bit deeper into the spiritual aspect of the three concepts read the blog post entitled “The Treasure.”

The “Matrix”

The concept of the matrix is just another “map of the territory.” A map is a perspective. I think that the matrix metaphor is a useful one in our seeking of what is true.

Think of the matrix compared with the 5 Koshas in yogic philosophy. The Koshas are translated as “veils.” The Matrix is a kind of veil which keeps the truth hidden. In the movie the Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo that the matrix is all around him hiding him from the truth.

the matrix movie

Neo has a CHOICE. He can take the blue pill and stay oblivious or he can take the red pill and awaken to the reality of things (Dharma).

Here we are. In a world where many are awakening to the sense that something is not quite right. Something is off. What is it? I suggest that the matrix is becoming apparent. I recently began reading a book I obtained some 20 years ago. It is called THE MATRIX WARRIOR; BEING THE ONE written by Jake Horsley. This book is an excellent deep er dive into this map of The Matrix.