The “Matrix”

The concept of the matrix is just another “map of the territory.” A map is a perspective. I think that the matrix metaphor is a useful one in our seeking of what is true.

Think of the matrix compared with the 5 Koshas in yogic philosophy. The Koshas are translated as “veils.” The Matrix is a kind of veil which keeps the truth hidden. In the movie the Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo that the matrix is all around him hiding him from the truth.

the matrix movie

Neo has a CHOICE. He can take the blue pill and stay oblivious or he can take the red pill and awaken to the reality of things (Dharma).

Here we are. In a world where many are awakening to the sense that something is not quite right. Something is off. What is it? I suggest that the matrix is becoming apparent. I recently began reading a book I obtained some 20 years ago. It is called THE MATRIX WARRIOR; BEING THE ONE written by Jake Horsley. This book is an excellent deep er dive into this map of The Matrix.

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