Port/Infusion Set Malfunction

I had an interesting day yesterday.  I had a 10am meeting.  It was a 90 minute drive to get to the meeting.  I changed my infusion set at 7am.  It went in kind of weak.  I assessed it and thought it was ok.  My blood sugar was 114 when I changed the infusion set.  Took a shower and began my drive to the meeting at 8:15am.  On the way I stopped at a rest area and checked my blood sugar.  It was 185.  I found this to be a curious number because I had not eaten anything.  I did have a cup of coffee but I had covered it.  I attributed it to the stress of the drive and gave myself a correction bolus of 2 units.  After my meeting I checked again – it was 185.  Now, I was becoming suspicious of my site.  I checked and and smelled for insulin.  It looked OK.  Took another 2 units.  Had lunch and on my drive back home I felt I needed to check again.  475!  NO!  This is not a reading I get.  I was driving so I gave myself some more insulin and planned on stopping to get gas in 45 minutes so I would check again.  When I stopped it was 500.  That’s it.  I decided I needed to change my site.  I also decided to take an injection of insulin to insure I was getting some in there.  I took 6 units by injection.  Put another port in and took another 5 units.  I got back home in about an hour and I had come down to 185.  Drank a lot of water to cleanse my body from the highs.  Now, I had another concern.  I had 6 units On Board from the pump and the injection I had taken was another 3 units at least.   I began checking every 15 minutes.  Next reading was 122.  Then 96.  I decided to take off the pump and drink 6 oz of juice.  61.  Ok I was feeling low.  I was crashing.  More juice and a pretzel.  63.  65.  Now I had balanced it out but I needed to get higher.  I was getting hungry so I ate some.  I knew I was going to go high but I wanted to get out of the tailspin.  I was feeling better.  185.  Ok.  I was back.  Now I bolused 2 units to get level again.

What are the lessons:

1.  If you feel an infusion set does not go in correctly then maybe it is best to put a new one in right away.  Putting in infusion sets is a ritual for me most of the time.  I take great care in putting them in and caring for the site when I take them out.  Perhaps I was in too much of a hurry in the morning to take the care I usually do.

2.  If you are going on a trip make sure you have insulin, syringes and extra infusion sets.  You never know what will happen.  Because I have made this a practice I was able to do something about it.

3.  Going high is a problem.  We need to be “on it” when it happens.  When I took out the old infusion set I bled a lot.  It got all over the place.  That was confirmation that it was a site issue.  But going low is the real problem in this lesson.  I obviously over corrected.  I knew enough to check every 15 minutes while I was “crashing.”

4.  Drink Water!