Clear Vision

In The Kabbalah “map” there is description of three stages of consciousness for those who choose to explore the spiritual path.

I believe all of us are on a spiritual journey whether we are aware of it or not.

It was Wayne Dwyer who said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

The first stage is called Double Concealment.

A person in this stage of the journey is not aware of the spiritual realm, God or “The Big Picture (TBP)”. Sure, one may have thought about these things and even conducted inquiry but has decided that we live in a material world in a physical body and this is what is real. The spiritual realm is not real or it is not accessible. In this stage there is no potential to ‘connect’ to the spiritual, to God, the Creator or The Light for sustenance, energy or fulfillment. Instead, energy is found in success, victimhood, material acquisitions, drugs or other ego centered and alternative sources.

The second stage is called Single Concealment.

A person in this stage is aware of the spiritual realm, has done spiritual work, knows God, Sees TBP. However, they don’t “FEEL” it. Doubt permeates the mental/emotional self. One may understand that there is a spiritual world(s) and realms beyond the physical but the connection is mostly that, an understanding and not a tangible thing. In this stage one seeks energy from The Light but the connection is weak or not established and one feels victim, ego, reactivity, etc and can easily fall back into double concealment.

The third stage is Clear Vision.

This is when one knows God and can see TBP and feels it. Doubt is vanquished and a firm knowing and deeper understanding is present. No matter what is happening in the outer/physical world a person in this stage knows that “The Light is ALWAYS in the Business.” Most of the time, this stage/state of consciousness is fleeting at first; one experiences “glimpses” of THE WAY. Over time, with practice, one establishes a stronger and stronger connection.

It is Tisha B’Av today; The Ninth of Av. The day that The Temples were destroyed. It is considered a day of mourning and represents the end of the negative three weeks. It is a transition day as we enter the 7 weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This day is also connected to the story of Jacob wrestling Sa-Tan. We have 365 sinews in the body. Each sinew is connected to a day. Today it is the hamstring. Cut the hamstring and we “go down.”