The Choice – June 2023

Can you believe it? It is 2023. Where has the time gone? I am starting to suspect I might be some kind of a time traveler. You know what I mean?

I have two short videos to share with you. It is important to know that when I share a video or a paper or a book or a website or a podcast or whatever……… it is for the purpose of adding to our inquiry. Everything I share is a perspective or map.

By definition, this kind of stuff can be only entertained in level one and level two of the three stages of wisdom.

Remember them? 1. Become Aware of or know about or hear about. It is something that has come into your consciousness. 2. Intellectual inquiry, study, checking it out, watching, listening, understanding. And, 3. Your Direct Personal Experience.

Now, with that said…..Here we go.

This first 5 minute video is about the choice we have in front of us from from a Yuga perspective. In Hinduism, a Yuga indicates a period of time; an age. There are four Yuga’s.

You can inquire further into Yuga if you desire. We are at the end of Kali Yuga and moving into Arita (Satya) Yuga.

This second video is different perspective of the same choice.

Can you see how it can be valuable to see the same thing with different perspectives? We have been working on this ability in our yoga sessions.