This page will serve as the “platform” for posts regarding our current “group” yoga, meditation and map seeking. As We enter Phase ONE (January 3 – March 20) we have changed our group’s name from The Atwater Group to THE WAY SEEKERS. Our current schedule is:

Sunday 10am Yin Yoga * Monday 6:30pm Sangha/Meditation * Tuesday 4:30pm Yang Yoga * Thursday 4:30pm Yinyasa Yoga.

Our inquiry of yoga, meditation and multiple “maps of the territory” really is a spiritual quest. The word spiritual is, most likely, defined differently by each individual in our group. Then there is another word that is even more widely understood differently by different people. It is a word some feel totally comfortable with and others not so much. The word, of course, is ‘GOD..’ Once God is used, other words come into play like religion and belief and faith. Our group is called THE WAY SEEKERS. Yes, I created it for our transition from phase zero to phase one. In phase zero our mission was to awaken the mind that seeks and the mind that seeks the way. Mission accomplished. I would say that everyone in this group is, at the least, willing to hold a cognitive structure of seeking the way. The way where?

I found this 10 minute video that, I think, is an excellent watch in order to cultivate the ground for our exploration in phase one. After you watch replace God with “FIRST CAUSE.”

The pages that follow is an archive of the posts created during Phase Zero (March 2020 – December 2020) of our work.

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