The Truth Seekers:

Here you will find a documented series of “posts” presented and discussed in our group sessions……..There are many pages in this tab. I suggest starting at the last one and moving backwards.

It is time to introduce a new map. This introduction is in conjunction with a “name change” of our group. As we prepare for a new year (starting in September according to the lunar calendar) we find ourselves in the 5th and final phase of our cyclical master map. The next phase will be Phase Zero again. The “game” is to transcend the previous paradigm and enter into a new and improved structure/vessel.

As part of my Political Science study at The University of Rochester, I was introduced to Thomas Khun. I had a choice. I could take a statistics class or take course #202 which was called Political Theory or something like that…..

Watch this short video to deepen your inquiry and awareness. Particularly observe Khun’s 5 phase cyclical process/map. Can you see the similarities to the other 5 phase maps we have looked at?

Here is a 3rd video if you want to go deeper……complex but I found interesting…

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