APRIL 12, 2021. Here is a short video of Monday Night’s session on The Fibonacci sequence and the maps of the territory, I recorded the session live but I am not posting that one. Made a few recording errors. So, I re-recorded presentation segment.

Learning a little bit every time.

We know our objective; goal; desired outcome; destination. We established that in Phase Zero: The Mystery. All of the maps suggest that “Union or Connection to Source” is our “Mission” here on earth in this human form. There seems to be some type of upfront agreement between Source and Its Emanations and it appears to be some type of game of hide and seek.

Our first “step” is to confront and awaken to this deep purpose of Creation. Or not

Over the past year we have Explored multiple “maps of the territory;” Yoga, Vipassana, Kabbalah, Christianity, The Buddha, Integral Theory, The Kybalion and others…….

NOW, it is time to design a plan to reach the goal.

The Fibonacci sequence offers a mathematical backdrop for all the maps we have looked at. As we progress along our path of seeking THE WAY we have now shifted into THE DESIGN STAGE.

In this presentation I begin our journey into design and offer a proposed approach. Can you see what I am trying to do? It is a challenging phase for me and I think for everyone. We have awakened and done the work of inquiry.

NOW, we shift our cognitive approach to our practice from curious detective of inquiry to CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE DESIGNER:

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