Week 10

Sunday – October 4, 2020 – It’s time to Wake Up

Tuesday – October 6, 2020 – The New Paradigm

I am having an interesting morning. Last night during our meditation/mapquesting session we endeavored to do an aggressive “push” in our yoga journey. We have reached the “destination” – Samadhi. We are all in agreement that when we are meeting during our sessions we are doing so for the purpose of awakening our seeking mind, studying perspectives and practices to connect to and develop our seeking mind and experiencing the results of our practice with awareness and equanimity.

Our “path of inquiry” has been guided by the Eight Limb Path of Yoga, Yang and Yin, Right Alignment, Discovering, Explorating and never going past our edge, introduction of other similar meta-physical and meta-psychological maps of the territory.

Last night we delved a little deeper into the center of the head to the pineal gland………THE THIRD EYE. Would knowing about and doing some checking out of a possible additional eye at our disposal be helpful in our journeying?

So, this morning I feel a bit more awake? The feeling is familiar and yet always new. It is subtle but I enjoyed listening to some of my favorite music from the 70’s and felt a re-connection to a seemingly enhanced sense with my authentic self. Who is the Real Michael?

I wanted to create this post and send out today’s zoom link and include two videos here. The first one Jacci sent me a few days ago. I listened to it and thought ok. I listened to it again this morning. Excerpts from Yogonanda’s Law of Success book. Kind of like a rolling thunder of affirmations, one after another from one of the most esteemed Yogi’s of all time.

Last night we all made a subtle deeper connection with each other, I had a thought I should listen to the video Jacci sent me again because she is such a critical, important, expressive, dynamic and valuable member our group. Virgil had sent me a video as well and I knew I was going to add his video here simply because he asked me to. I really like this video. Virgil said it was “best explanation of meditation. western. view.” Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Here is Jacci’s video….She thought we should create a meditation around this? Am I correct Jacci? Yogananda. I think it is very good stuff here and when I listened to it the 2nd time it was very pertinent.

Thursday – October 8, 2020 – The End

Over the past 6-7 months we have been on a journey; a yoga journey. We have been referring to the Eight Limb Path of Yoga and we reached the eighth and final limb, Samadhi, Connection to Source, a week ago and have been basking in this ‘Reality.” What do we do now? Do we start over from step 1? I kind of look at it like climbing a mountain. We have reached the top of the mountain and we have a “view from above.” Before we start climbing again we must come down the mountain. I guess a helicopter can come up and whisk us off the pinnacle and bring us back down to the foot of the mountain to start the climb again. More than likely, we must propel down. Imagine …… reaching the top, accomplishing our goal, reaching our destination and now we must propel down.

For those of you interested in the Torah sections, we are approaching the end and beginning anew at the end of this week. Simchat Torah is on the 11th of October. After that the reading of the Torah starts from the beginning – The book of Genesis. So, let’s stay in Samadhi through the weekend and on Monday we will contemplate our new path of inquiry.


Saturday – October 10, 2020 – Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah marks the end of the Torah. It is a celebration. On Monday the Torah study starts at “the beginning” of the “story.” As your “guide” on our yoga journey it is my job to check things out before moving forward. I found a very good guided meditation appropriate for where we are and where we can go. I have posted it in the Meditation tab here in choicetimes. I am looking for a good “View from Above” that I will also post. Keep an eye out. We have mentioned the Fibonacci Sequence a few times in our inquiries. The series looks like this…….0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, 55, ……… Can you see the pattern? It is related to the Golden Ratio/Phi. It is the way all things arise and grow in our universe. I mention it as a reference. The number 5 is key in this series. 5 is number of completion. There are five books in The Torah. I will be expounding on this in the next few weeks. Here is a short clip on the Fibonnaci Sequence.

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