Week 8

Sunday – September 20, 2020 – Rosh Hashanah

Yesterday and Today were considered Rosh Hashanah. The beginning of the new year in the Jewish Calendar. However, it seems to extend from yesterday for 10 days until Yom Kippur which begins Sunday the 27th at sundown until the 28th at sundown. This time seems to be a review of the past year and a renewal process entering into the New year…..Stay tuned..

Monday – September 21, 2020 – Right, Left and Center

For the past 6 months we have used the metaphor of Yin and Yang in our yoga inquiry. We have talked about the Yin aspect of our “work” as the receiving aspect and the Yang as the sharing or giving aspect. Using the metaphor of how electricity works the Yin is the negative pole and the Yang is the positive pole. Every week we have had three sessions; a deep yin session a yang session and a third session we call yinyasa which is a combination of the two ‘aspects.’ This third aspect is called the center column in the tree of life or the restrictor, resistor or filament in the electricity metaphor.

As we approach the Big Election on November 3rd we are witnessing a great divide between the left and the right. There is great disagreement, difference of opinion, different world view between the left and the right. This has always been the case. But, today the operation seems to be growing. The center column has disappeared. Where has it gone?

From now until the end of our current three month commitment which ends November 2, we will explore this and see if we can find the center column. We have about 17 people who engage in our sessions on a weekly basis. Some strongly identify as being on the right and some strongly identify as being on the left. Some don’t want to look at it. Some consider themselves neutral. Neutral is not center column.

What happens when the positive pole connects directly with the negative pole? A great flash of Light followed by a short circuit or a burnout. The center column is needed in order to create lasting Light. Can we use the yoga metaphor for this task? Is there hope? Or will we experience a short circuit?

On a personal note, I have experienced the left, right, center paradigm for the last 44 years in my physical body. We all do, however, my experience is a bit more immediate. Type 1 diabetes “takes out” the center column in the metabolic system of the body. Insulin is the “link”; the filament; the key that connects the glucose molecule in the blood (energy, right column, yang) with the cells of the body (vessel, left column, yin). I have had to inject synthetic insulin into my body, not directly into the blood system like a normal body to keep blood sugar under a surviving level of control. I look forward to sharing more of this with you soon……….

The difference between the Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil is that the Tree of Life has 3 columns and The Tree of Knowledge has two. Hmmmmmmmmmm….

Wednesday- September 23, 2020 – The Tree of Life

In our Monday Mapquesting and Meditation Session we, together, made inquiry into the concepts of perception and perspective. I took the position that both of them were processes and, essentially, the same thing. As your yoga guide, I am continually attempting to be a re-mind-er of the deep lesson we have discovered in our VIpassana inquiry, namely, that everything that arises is bound to pass away; Annica; Everything is in process. I introduced the concept of The Tree of Life and found this excellent introduction into the 10 Sefirot which structure the Tree. I have added a second video if you wish to delve further….

Saturday – September 26, 2020 – The Untethered Soul

Paddington has been sending me links on Michael Singer’s new book. I read his original book a long time ago – “The Untethered Soul.” I remember liking it. I never heard him talk. So, I listened to this short video of him talking about Yoga. I like his presentation. Maybe you will too. The points made may not be new to you but the way he says it may deepen your understanding and wisdom. Thank you Paddington!

Yom Kippur begins tomorrow night at sundown through until Monday at sundown. We will be honoring our achievement of reaching our objective of Samadhi by practicing “The View From Above” during both Sunday and Monday sessions. Auspicious time on human history. In my opinion, we are at a tipping point; a fork in the road; a way point; a time of choice; Choice Times. What is always good? Wisdom is always good. Let’s connect to Source so that we can precede forward, this year, with as much wisdom as we can hold. May we be a vessel for wisdom. And may our choices be void of ignorance and full of what is good, true and beautiful.

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