If you question your results then check your assumptions.  I read this sentence in a book written by Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged. This is a big book.  It takes a long time to read.  I highly recommend it.  The point is that assumptions are the building blocks of context.  And context is, arguably, the most important factor in what determines one’s reality.  Perceived reality (is there any other kind?) is a result.  In fact, the culmination of everyone’s perceived reality results in LIFE.   What are assumptions? To assume means to take for granted.  An assumption is an unconscious and sometimes a conscious belief.  A belief is an acceptance of certain things being true or real.  Faith is an unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence.  Sure, I know what some of you are thinking right now.  You are thinking that your assumptions are perhaps a belief but you are not willing to include the word faith in this discussion.  You believe that your assumptions are based on proof and evidence.  And you are right to a degree.  Some of your assumptions are based on proof and evidence.  Or at least they are based on enough proof and/or evidence for you to accept them as true and reliable.  I challenge you to keep an open mind.  I would submit, at this point, that faith is the true foundation of all belief and, therefore, the foundation of all assumptions.  What do you think?

Diabetes Support Group Meeting

I went to an Adult Diabetes Support Group Meeting the other day.  It was the first time I have been to a support group meeting for diabetes.  There were about 12 people there including three young children that were brought by one of the participants.  THe meeting lasted for 3 hours.  Most of us were on the pump.  There was a group facilitator and she was not a diabetic.  I have been developing ideas on how to help others with diabetes and the meeting confirmed to me that there is a need out there.  Everyone of us was at a different place.  And everyone us is at a different place with respect to the handling of diabetes in our life.  Diabetes is not a disease that can be dealt with separate or apart from dealing with oneself. The facilitator of the group used a visual in the group that I had been writing about.  “Put your mask on first before assisting others.”  Instructions we hear before taking off in a plane.  It is especially true with diabetes.  Forget about it!  If you don’t handle your shit first you are screwed in this game.  In the meantime I saw some that were coasting….Ok, don;t blame them but let’s go …………As for me….I am perfect of course….just perfect.  Hope someone reads this..