Brief Introduction to The “Red Pill” Yoga Process (RPYP)

What is the Red Pill Yoga Process (RPYP)? The RPYP is a perspective and it is a “map of the territory.”

Why would I be interested in inquiring into the RPYP? In today’s world there is a divide in perspective. Ironically, the political divide which always seems to hover around 51:49, has morphed into a cultural divide and is described as Red vs. Blue. Arguably, the most important Hindu Scriptural text related to yoga is The Bhagavad Gita. The whole story of the Gita takes place on battlefield of Kuruksheta, upon which two sides of a family – The Pandavas and Kuaravas – are preparing for battle. The text itself focuses on a conversation between two characters; Arjuna, the commanding general of The Pandavas and Krishna, God. Krishna plays the role of chariot driver for Arjuna. Studying and testing out the RPYP will expand your perspective. Weather you are a yoga teacher, a yoga practitioner or new to yoga the RPYP it will challenge your current perspective, give you a higher understanding of the “opposing side” and enhance your ability to travel along the path of wisdom.

What is the process? It is a five stage/step/phase orientation, introduction, inquiry, understanding and opportunity for mastery in The Creation process Master Template. It is uniquely tailored to the individual or group participating. The first five sessions are conducted via zoom and the first session (Orientation) is free.