Spiral Dynamics: Blast Off

So, The 5th “Phase” in The Five Step Process of Growth, Change, Transformation, Development….etc can be described as the fruit, the result, the score, the product, the manifestation……etc…

From a, let’s say, business project managementy kind of perspective it could be described as the “Managing Outcome Phase” or “Tracking Results/Achievement.”

From a “Tree of Life” Perspective it is Malchut or Kingdom or Sovereignty.

Before we move on from the spiral dynamics map and onto something else allow me to summarize…….It’s a map. The map is not the territory. The Territory is Dharma.

The next map I will be posting about is The Vipassana Meditation Technique and The Philosophy behind it. I am going to read the book “The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N. Gloenka”. Author is William Hart. I will be creating essentially an audio book.

What the Buddha recognized while sitting under a tree in his pursuit of finding a solution to the problem of suffering was that everything is ablaze in the process of transformation. In fact, at the quantum level, particles are arising and passing away at great rapdity. Apparently at a rate of of 10 to the 20 million times per second. That’s fast and the result of this “speed of process” is that it appears permanent. This is the illusion; The permanent appearance of a Reality that, is in fact, highly ephemeral.

So, from my perspective, I think the dream level goal is to find residence in Coral. To get to Coral we need to first establish a “toe hold” in Turquoise. So my current goal is to work on getting from Yellow to Turquoise.

I kind of see Turquoise as “The Retreat” concept. We need a place in South Florida where we can just “Do The Great Work” of Confronting, Exploring, Incubating on, Becoming Illuminated by and Celebrating Dharma…..The True Reality of Nature. From all indication it is a dynamic process of Growth -Transformation and Revelation.

With that said, let’s cap off our inquiry with the words of a true prophet of humanity’s evolutionary process. A man who rode the dragon’s tail and explored deeply The Edge itself.

Seems like we are all about to experience what Terrance was experiencing and talking about 25 years ago……

Spiral Dynamics: Let us Apply

The willing suspension of disbelief: The concept that to become emotionally involved in a narrative, audiences must react as if the characters are real and the events are happening now, even though they know it is ‘only a story’. ‘The willing suspension of disbelief for the moment’ was how the British poet Coleridge phrased it in 1817, with reference to the audiences for literary works. Schramm argues that this is a general expectation for all entertainment (see also entertainment function): we are ‘prepared to go along with a story or a spoof or a good joke, to identify and agonize with a character who never lived…to have a certain empathy with fictional characters, to go along with the conventions of films or broadcasts.’

This the 4th in a series of 5 posts that I will do on introducing the map of spiral dynamics. My intention, as your Dharma Guide (DG), when introducing any map of the territory, is to do so in a 5 step process which mirrors “The Growth Process” and “The Original Creation Process (OCP).” The “working assumption” is that Our (Human Incarnations) purpose is to awaken to the path which leads us back to Union with SOURCE; a rebirthing into the reality of “oneness” or “authentic unity.” This is certainly a very yogic way to say it. There are other ways to “say it.”

For purposes of entertainment, let’s willingly choose to believe we incarnate into this physical reality in a physical body and when we do so we willingly suspend our disbelief. We are born and we “forget” because we agreed to “forget” and so what the f&@k do we do next?

We begin to explore and inquire and we see/sense/feel/hear/smell/touch/taste/think about…….Then what?

Well, we learn….and we do so, at first at least, in a very binary manner. We know what we like and we know what we dislike. Then what?

Well then as we develop and grow we learn strategies, best practices, systems and procedures that help us get what we want and avoid getting what we don’t want. Then what?

Then comes the moment of illumination and a choice to rinse and repeat or try something different.

The embedded video below is so well done (in my humble opinion). I am sharing as the 4th blog post in the spiral dynamic series because it is illuminating to what stage you live in based on how you will react to it.

If you reside mainly in “Blue” you will understand it better than all of your Tier One peers. Most of you will have a negative reaction at some point because most of you reside in Green. Those of you who are in Orange will look for a way to exploit this information. If you are in Red I think you will get the point.

You won’t be able to help your “natural” reaction because it is deeply embedded. However….here we are studying how to evolve in consciousness and so let’s try something. OK?

Before you listen to this I would ask you to “Willingly Suspend Your Belief.” Notice I did not say “Disbelief.” We already did that when we chose to come to this world.

Just for the time it takes to watch this video – and you will want to watch and not just listen because he does such a good job at the video part of his presentation – suspend the conclusions, understandings, assumptions, agreements, truths you currently have chosen to adopt; Willingly Suspend Your Beliefs. Just for 30 minutes. Ok??

If you can’t do it that is ok but if you reside in Green – DO NOT WATCH – because you will misunderstand my intention and as Buckminster Fuller said…..”It is better to be not understood than to be misunderstood.”

We are at a critical point in humanity’s journey back. For heaven’s sake Pluto just moved into Aquarius.

My intention(s) in sharing this video is to first, assist you in your assessment of the color you “tend” to live from in the spiral dynamic map. Second, to demonstrate the value of getting to Yellow. And third, to show how, In The Creation Process, Unity must move to duality and within this move is a space for the opponent to live. Remember the work we have been doing over the years with respect to Yin and Yang. They are different aspects of the same thing……And ….They are different…..


Spiral Dynamics: Ken Wilber/Integral Theory

If one is inquiring into the map of spiral dynamics then one must know about Ken Wilber. Wilber brought spiral dynamics into the realm of developmental psychology and philosophy. However, he changed things up a bit with the colors which has caused some confusion with the original map. Wilber’s Integral Theory is often referred to as AQAL which is short for All Quadrants, All Lines, All Levels and All States. The developmental levels are birthed from Spiral dynamics.

Listen to this video to bring Wilber and Integral Theory into the realm of spiral dynamic inquiry……..

Here is another video, very well done, that expresses Ken Wilber’s take on the spiral dynamic map….

Spiral Dynamics: What is “the move?”

Have you ever taken a personality profile test? They are sometimes administered when applying for a job or if you are undergoing treatment for a psychological issue. The most popular profile is called The Meyers Briggs. Well, the different stages within the spiral dynamics map can be compared to a personality type. It is not an exact comparison, however, it is close. I used to work with a company that conducted and scored personality profile tests for corporations and businesses. My boss always used to say, “You have a personality. You are not your personality. Just like you have a right arm but you are not your arm.

Ok, with that said, personality types indicate how a person will tend to react under a set of circumstances. The “tend to” is important. A personality type is identified by asking how someone would feel, what they would think and what they would do given xyz circumstance A type identifies a “locale” of reactivity patterns.

In the spiral dynamic map, individuals are centered in a certain color or stage. It is their “go to” perspective of the world. It is where they live. However, anyone can visit any stage, level or color within the map. This visit is more of a “state experience.”

I have been centered in Yellow for many years. I have had experiences of turquoise and coral. I am currently studying teal so I will not comment on that right now. And, when I react to the Maya of this life I usually travel down to beige, red, sometimes blue, occasionally orange. I am not too much into purple and green. My current struggle is how to get out of Yellow. However, I am feeling saturated in yellow so I am ready burst out of it.

My “working hypothesis” is that “The Move” that is most needed in humanity is to rescue as many people from green and accelerate them through yellow with an individually-custom made- process to get to turquoise in the most efficient and optimal way available.

Watch these three short videos in sequence to establish a stronger hook into the understanding of this dynamic map of human conscious evolution-development-growth-unfolding and transformation.