Your yoga guide, Michael, has over 22 years experience in the practice of yoga and 12 years of “teaching” experience. He was certified as a yoga teacher in October of 2006 after attending Kripalu’s Yoga Teacher Course. Kripalu has a very eclectic approach encompassing all aspects of Yoga.

Yoga is a dynamic map of self-inquiry.

Yoga, from the Sanskrit root “Yuj,” gives us our word, ‘union.” Returning to wholeness is the essential meaning of yoga.

The heart of yoga lives in realizing the path by which we unite our finite self with Infinite Being.

The vision of yoga is an unbroken awareness of our oneness with “Source.” A new consciousness evolves through yogic practices aimed at developing an ever-increasing awareness of the various levels of our experience: physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual….

Some Excellent Yoga Audio. If you like hearing some background music during class, here are a few selections from my playlists.

Tantra 4
Sip of Light
Heart Sutra
Tantra 2.0
The Waiting
The Longing
Sleep Song
Long Ago

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