We have made the transition into the 3rd phase of five I have been introducing you to and offering pathways of inquiry to gain understanding and perspective.

We have been engaging in yoga and meditation sessions, we have looked at other metaphysical, mystery and spiritual “maps.” The maps are only valuable if they can link you to direct personal experience; The Territory.

The objective is to strengthen and expand your structure on five “levels”; Physical, Energetic, Mental/Emotional, Higher Self and Bliss Self. These are the five Koshas in Yogic Philosophy.

This Phase we are now in is associated with the third book in The Torah; Leviticus. In The Tree of Life map it is Binah (Understanding). In the Nano book it is described as The actualization of the potential. Time to create a “blueprint” of what we have become aware of in our consciousness. “The thought now exists in two dimensions – in our consciousness and on the physical blueprint.

The Tree of Life is a representation of Creation and Life itself. The Five Phases are embedded within this map. Today, I found this gem of a video. This is so well done and so deep, in my opinion. REMEMBER!!! It is not critical that you completely comprehend everything he says.

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  1. Cute banter and Neil is it cool guy we were at a barbecue together he came late with it sour cream and onion dip and I chided him saying “Lipton’s “(shame on snobby me )and he said “actually ,no it’s a really cool recipe that we found through William Sonoma and it’s very delicious” and I tried it and it truly was ….shame on me

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