Week 12

Sunday – October 18, 2020 – The New Way Point

We have two weeks remaining in our current 3 month yoga quest. November 2nd will kick off what I am calling Phase Zero. Although, Phase Zero’s, official, start date was October 11th at sundown.

In this post I am ‘presenting’ an awareness building process. Will you test it out and let me know if it was of value to you?

INSTRUCTIONS: We have been inquiring into many ways of looking at Dharma: click on link below, read article and inquire deeper into what Dharma is…..

Now, watch this 10 minute video. But, first, prepare by creating “Right Alignment.” We are in Phase Zero. Phase Zero is both the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the yin and the yang expressed as 1, before the separation. Before listening, take a few moments to center yourself and connect to your “third eye” and the pineal gland. Be an open and objective observer. Inject equanimity with the judgmental and skeptical part of your self for the period of time you are watching the video. Go ahead…..

Contemplate the work we are doing in our yoga, meditation and map questing inquiries and practice. Contemplate the state of our world and the division that seems to be breaking us apart. One of my objectives when we first started to get together on zoom back in March was to help build a group of human beings doing the work of Dharma together. I feel as though the last 6 months have cultivated the ground for a possibility that this can happen; to create a Sangha. When ready, listen to this 4 minute video.

Monday – October 19, 2020 – Time to Giddy Up

As your guide, I am suggesting that this is a time to step it up a notch. We are in the midst of the time when the end and the beginning are close. We are in a time of the “potential of the potential.” It is like we are on a challenging part of a mountain trail we are hiking on and 100% attention is needed. All hands on deck!

For our Monday night sessions I suggest we take on a new book, perhaps? We have have the Torah and our Rabbis on video. It is time to bring in the Christian perspective. It is time to connect some dots. . . Perhaps? I suggest Joel Goldsmith. I am going to suggest two books to start with. If we decide to do it we should make a choice of one of the two. One is much smaller and more specific. The other, in my opinion is his grandest work. The smaller one is called “Practicing The Presence.” The grand one is called “Parenthesis in Eternity.”

And, I came across this video of my new favorite Rabbi. He is unfolding tremendous wisdom right now for me. He is helping to fit pieces of the puzzle together for me in my own spiritual journey. I appreciate that you are along with me in this inquiry……..Namaste, Michael.

Thursday – October 22, 2020 – Noach

For those of you checking in to the weekly Torah sections we are in the 2nd reading in Genesis 6:9 – 11:32. I found 2 interesting videos to begin to paint a perspective on this reading. The second video is from one of Nedra’s favorite Kabbalah teachers who she knows personally…

For weeks 1 – 11 see next pages………

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  1. Cute banter and Neil is it cool guy we were at a barbecue together he came late with it sour cream and onion dip and I chided him saying “Lipton’s “(shame on snobby me )and he said “actually ,no it’s a really cool recipe that we found through William Sonoma and it’s very delicious” and I tried it and it truly was ….shame on me

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