Post #8: Transforming Diabetes/The Reward

You have been now been introduced to 4 of the 5 steps in a systematic developmental process with strong influence of yoga guided by a guy who has 40 years of experience living with Type 1 Diabetes.

First, we confronted the situation head on and determined our objectives.  




Second, we identified and started to understand the component parts of the system that we need to account for and the feedback we desire and require.

Third, we created an integrated system.

This system seeks to mimic, as best as possible, the system fatally damaged due to a diagnosis of diabetes.

The first three steps create the foundation.

The fourth step is the experience of illumination and mastery.  The Chakra associated with this step is accessed and begins to illuminate when we have done our work in the first three.  

We now have more clarity

We have shifted our perspective and have transcended what we have been immersed in.

We have become more accountable and more response-able.

There is one step in the process yet to discuss.

The 5th step in Transforming Diabetes involves the results we realize.  Remember, we never “arrive.”It’s the journey not the destination.  One of the agreements we made early on was to treat our results without judgement and take pleasure in them.  Step 5 is about celebrating our results.  So, lets see what we have.  We established 3 goals.  There will be results.

Exercises:The Exercises in this section come a little early.  Write at least one page for the following.

Our Goals/Objectives/Desired Outcomes were:

1.) To engage in the process with 100% commitment and as a player.  What are your results from setting this as a goal and working the process?

2.)  To reduce suffering for ourselves and others.  What are your results from setting this as a goal and working the process?

3.)  To achieve more balanced blood sugar and eventually receive A1C results below 7.0 on a continual basis.  What are your results from setting this as a goal and working the process?

Now take the time and the energy to validate yourself and to celebrate your results.  You will have achieved results.  Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to invalidate your results or beat yourself up for falling short.  That may be done in other environments where goals are set and results are assessed.  Not here.

The next part of step 5 is to close the loop by circling back to step 1.  Whatever your results you have moved along the path.  The way to keep moving is to re-commit to either the same goals and objectives or make some new ones if you are ready to “step it up” or “go to the next level.”  This process is cyclical not linear.  If you loop back with judgement and invalidation you inject that into your process.  Loop back with validation and celebration and that is what you will cultivate into your life experience.


If you are have found value in the yoga practice then I strongly encourage you to pursue it further.  It has been an invaluable tool for me in creating movement and balance.  If it has not been of value to you then let it go but do something else that is physical and gets you centered.

Thank you for allowing me to describe to you my process and to guide you through it.

In the final post I will wrap up the Transforming Diabetes Series and present my vision for future work.

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