Post #7: Transforming Diabetes/The Heart of the Matter

The chakras are energy centers that ascend vertically up the body.  There are anywhere between 7-10  sometimes more depending on what or who you read, talk with or listen to. 

The first chakra is called the base or root chakra and is located behind the pelvic bone.

It represents our grounding and is the energy center. 



The second chakra is located approximately 1 inch below the naval and concerns our emotions, sexuality and desires.

It controls our relationships and interactions with people and things. 



The third chakra is located just below the breast bone in the solar plexus.

It is the root of our emotional balance, personal power and metabolic energy. 



The first three steps of Transforming Diabetes mirrors the energy in the first three Chakras.

1. Goals/Objective/Seed Level  ******Root

2. Functions/Component Parts ******Relationships/Desires

3. Integrated System ****** Balance/Power/Energy

The intent in yoga is to open these energy centers and create alignment amongst them.

It is only when you open and align the lower three chakras that the energy moves to the fourth.

Most human beings have their energy stuck somewhere within the lower three chakra areas.

The fourth Chakra is the Heart Center.  It is located 2-3 inches above the solar plexus in the center of the chest.  It is the love center and represents unconditional acceptance, love and compassion.  When the lower three chakras are open and in alignment then the energy moves into the fourth chakra; the Heart Chakra.  Open chakras are characterized by how fast they spin.  The faster the better.  Closed chakras are shut down or blocked and spin slowly or not at all.  As we work the three steps in the triple burner we are spinning, moving, learning, doing.  As we get things moving here and cycle through them as much as we can based on the feedback we are receiving then we begin to align things and when this happens we enter the 4th step in Transforming Diabetes.

The fourth step is Ilumination and Mastery.  Whereas in the first three steps we were doing, when we reach the fourth step we are becoming.  This is where the shift in perspective takes place.  This is where enlightenment happens.

Due to our willingness to do what it took to work steps 1-3 and to get back in posture as soon as we can we are now given the opportunity and ability to move from the high wire to the plane.  The fourth step just happens.  There is only one thing to do and that is to be the observer.  Watch.

In the fourth step we gain wisdom and start becoming more intuitive and response-able.  We feel and see from the heart.  It is so healthy for Type 1 diabetics and those close to them to reach this point.  This condition is such a difficult thing to cope with, let alone accept.  But the reward is worth the hardship we had to endure.  That is the nature of things; “The bigger the front, the bigger the back.”

It is easy to slip back and get stuck in the lower three chakras and it will happen from time to time.  Now you know that all you need to do is get them spinning again.  Work the first three steps and mastery is close at hand.

The Chakras above the heart chakra are all included in step 5, the final step, of Transforming Diabetes.


1.) Become the observer.  Become aware of the nature of your quick reactions.  Restrict these reactions.  Watch what happens.

2.) Write at least one page beginning with the words.  I am so thankful for……

3.) Spend 1 hour in the woods, at a park, at the beach or any other place with a lot of nature and just observe.  Observe what you see, hear, taste, smell and feel. Thoughts may arise.  Don’t entertain them.  Let them pass away.  Focus on what you are observing not what you are thinking.


It is now time for you to explore your own yoga practice.  Research studios in your area and check out their schedules.  I am familiar with several types of yoga and I am certified in Kripalu yoga –  I practiced Bikram yoga for 6 years intensely.  I am now more into Vinyassa flow, Yin Yoga and Pranayama (Controlled Breathing)  exercises.

In the next section I will introduce the final step of the process.

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