The Yellow Brick Road; Brick (6); The Precession Starts

In my eight-five years I have often been privy to what was at the time secret, critical information.  Time and change have “declassified” these secrets.  In piecing together the significant components of world-around humanity’s evolutionary trending, my insights have frequently been illuminated by information confided in me by others.  In recollecting once-confidential information, which is now essential to an adequate comprehension of relevant evolutionary trendings, I hope no one will make the mistake of thinking that I am being a traitor to my friends.  Not only am I being loyal to all my friends but to all humanity — without whom there would be no life.

Humanity is evolving.  There is little argument to that.

If you have been blessed to be alive in the last 50-100 years you have had a front row seat to an unprecedented acceleration of change; advancements in technology, ability to travel, faster and smaller communication tools, increased access to information, choice in entertainment…….Do I need to go on?

Recently, in the last 20-30 years, the acceleration of change has become exponential.  

I have inquired into this with the help of the “maps.”

I believe, it is a sign, a signal, a signpost, a message of what God wants.

The Adversary will use anything to distract, deceive and obstruct us from connecting to The Truth.

That is her job.

Look at the younger and, for that matter, the older generations with their smart phones today.

Social Media, Television, The Internet, The News, On-Line Gambling…

All addictive.


Oh The Affliction of Addiction.  

The Opponent’s second favorite elixir.


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