The Yellow Brick Road; Brick (6); The Precession Starts

In my eight-five years I have often been privy to what was at the time secret, critical information.  Time and change have “declassified” these secrets.  In piecing together the significant components of world-around humanity’s evolutionary trending, my insights have frequently been illuminated by information confided in me by others.  In recollecting once-confidential information, which is now essential to an adequate comprehension of relevant evolutionary trendings, I hope no one will make the mistake of thinking that I am being a traitor to my friends.  Not only am I being loyal to all my friends but to all humanity — without whom there would be no life.

Humanity is evolving.  There is little argument to that.

If you have been blessed to be alive in the last 50-100 years you have had a front row seat to an unprecedented acceleration of change; advancements in technology, ability to travel, faster and smaller communication tools, increased access to information, choice in entertainment…….Do I need to go on?

Recently, in the last 20-30 years, the acceleration of change has become exponential.  

I have inquired into this with the help of the “maps.”

I believe, it is a sign, a signal, a signpost, a message of what God wants.

The Adversary will use anything to distract, deceive and obstruct us from connecting to The Truth.

That is her job.

Look at the younger and, for that matter, the older generations with their smart phones today.

Social Media, Television, The Internet, The News, On-Line Gambling…

All addictive.

Oh The Affliction of Addiction.  

The Opponent’s second favorite elixir.

The Human Race Has Amused Itself To Death-Roger Waters

I bought Waters’ album, Amused to Death, in the early 90’s when it came out.  

I love Pink Floyd and Roger was one of the originals.  

I do not agree with his Political Stances.  

I think he is dead wrong, especially when it comes to Israel.

My position; My opinion, is based on the discoveries I have found in studying the “maps” and human history.

You may hold an opposing view.  That’s OK.

The question is can you continue to “look” at the map as a map and not The Territory?

If you can then you are suspending your belief and disbelief and you will stay on the path of wisdom, transformation, growth and evolution.

That’s the goal….Not being right.

Better to be in the Mystery than in the Know.

The required and qualifying first step on the path of wisdom according to The Bhagavad Gita is HUMILITY.

Ken Wilber said that “Enlightenment happens by accident.  

Meditation (The Work) makes you more accident prone.”

The Critical Path is “The Way;” “The Tao.”

It is a paradox in trying to “teach” it or “learn” it.

Can’t look directly at it.  It cannot be explained.

It can only be “experienced” by accident.

May you merit the the ability to awaken to it, seek it and experience it.

These are the three levels of wisdom said in a slightly different way.

The “enlightenment” comes at us from right angles.  

We can’t see it if we are locked onto (attached) to a particular perspective.

 “Drishti” gives us the ability to recognize the subtle signals coming at us from our “peripheral field.

The “sign” of the rapidly changing times in the outer world, is a billboard along the highway of inquiry, informing us that we have an opportunity to accelerate the evolution of our inner selves at the rate we are witnessing in the outer.

Remember, we live in a world of duality, at a minimum.

Here is an interesting understanding/perspective of what is going on with this acceleration of change. 

The Singularity.

The Yellow Brick Road includes an understanding of The Communication Formula.

Being in debt is a “condition,” similar to a person having a physical or psychological condition. 

Actually, we, all of us, all time, are always in a condition.

However, some conditions we like and some conditions we don’t like.

Our economy works on the liking, not liking, wanting, not wanting, avoiding, seeking, having……….Desiring of Condition.

Advertising is all about persuading you that some conditions are better than others.

This is WHY Super Bowl Ads cost 5 million for a 30 second spot.

If the condition is perceived as not that bad or “you can live with it,” then their is little motivation to change, grow, transform, seek alternatives.

When lack is not felt then it’s difficult to sell anything.

This was a critical perspective and understanding for a debt consolidator to have.

The best sales reps understood that they did not need to try and persuade, influence, push, convince; sell.

Instead, they understood they were there to help, guide, gather information, inform and counsel the client with how the process works and the benefits to them.  

The best sales people understood that they were there to help improve another person’s condition.

They knew that there job was more of a “qualifying” process than a sales process.

Actually, both are the same process, just performed with a different cognitive understanding of the task at hand;  Attitude.

The  “Art Of The Deal” occurs when a sales person has:

  1.  Contacted the prospect/lead/potential client.
  2.   Gathered the information needed to assess the potential customer’s     condition to ensure they indeed qualify for the product or service.
  3.  Presented the product or service adequately.

Now, it is time to ask for the sale.

Ask the Closing Question.

In our country, right now, we are more divided since the Civil War.

I know good people on “both sides of the aisle.”

Let’s revisit two concepts:

  1.  According to The Buddha, Suffering; Chaos; Disagreement; War is rooted in Ignorance of The Nature of Impermanence.
  2. If you question your results then check your assumptions.

We need to “close” the deal in order for the client to reap the benefits of “program” and for us to get paid.

Economy is part of human the experience.  It has always been.  

Stage shifts in the evolution of Humanity are marked by a change in Economy.

Economy is defined as;  The Wealth and Resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services; careful management of available resources resources;  As an adjective it means – offering the best value for the money.

Here is another view of the history of human evolution:

In the Negotiation Stage the debt management counselor asks……”When can you get the paperwork back to me and send in your first payment.”

The client can respond to that question in three possible ways:

Red Light:  “I don’t want to do this.”  “Not for me.”  “No Thank You.”

Yellow Light:  “I’m not sure.”  “I have to think about it.”  “Let me talk with the husband and get back to you.”

Green Light:  “Right away.”  “Can’t wait to get started.”  “Good to go.”

In the “Negotiation Stage”, both sides use “positions” as offensive and defensive strategies in an attempt to satisfy their interests.

The Master Negotiator understands that behind or underneath positions are “interests.”

There are only two types of successful negotiations.

  1.  A win-win.  Both sides get some or all of their interests met.  Notice I did not say their positions are met or validated.
  2. No agreement.

One of the secrets in The Art of The Deal is that you must always go into a negotiation with a BATNA – Best Alternative To A Non-Negotiated Agreement.

You have to go into a negotiation willing to “walk away” if a deal cannot be made.

It has got to be OK.  

Today, we need people who know how to negotiate.

We need people to awaken to the bigger picture and begin to heal the divide between us or we are bound to repeat history, again

Enlightenment does not change much.  

A Zen Master said that it just feels like you are walking two feet above the ground.  

Enlightenment is a “state” experience.

Anyone can visit it.

In order to reside in it you must do the work,never stop and remove all attachment to outcome.

I believe we are on the precipice of a new and expanded paradigm in thinking about the reality we are in.

What Bucky would call  –  a tipping point moment in “the world-around humanity’s evolutionary trending.”

Remember, there is no arriving.

“It’s Turtles all the way up and Turtles all the way down.”

The Spiritual Work,

The work of Finding Your Yellow Brick Road, is all about how fast you want to “travel.”  

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

“Let’s Giddy Up”


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