The Yellow Brick Road; Brick (5); There Are Others?

If you think you identify with anybody in this book, be sure to remember that I don’t have any “good” or “bad” people.  You and I did not design people.  God designed people.  What I am trying to do is to discover why God included humans in Universe.

I don’t think Light is what is needed in this world.

One hears the “New Age Spiritual Type” say something like,  “Love is the answer,” or “All there is just Light and Love.”

Or something like that.

Perhaps, our mission, our “Asana” (Asana means yoga  pose) is to find The Light in the Darkness and “release” it.

We need to “go there” before we can reveal it.

Perhaps this is how we will reconnect to “Source?”

Perhaps it is a Process?

Are you Willing to Inquire?

The “mindset” established as a result of balancing belief and disbelief through suspension and having the will to “seek” what can’t be seen is a qualifying requirement, in one way or another, for all of the “maps” introduced in The Yellow Brick Road.

Faith is an interesting thing. 

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1

If an apple seed is The Final Effect in an apple, then, in human beings, a man’s sperm and a women’s ovum (egg) are the Final Effect.

Remember, earlier, we talked about consciousness being the Final Effect of Creation?  

Thus, consciousness is The Original Cause.

Question:  What is the consciousness of the male sperm and the female egg?

Answer:  To unite as one in an act of creation embodied by infinite pleasure and ecstasy. Therefore, The “Seed Level” Consciousness of all existence (Cause)  is the act of Creation itself.   A consciousness of sharing and experience of inexpressible joy.

God emanated Light for one purpose — to create and then fill the Vessel (of Desire to Receive) with infinite pleasure.

This is the purpose of Creation.

Remember Fractals?

Consciousness is the Cause of all existence, and its purpose is to share endless pleasure with the souls of humanity.

But wait.

Why all the suffering?

It does not make sense.

It is confusing.

Why is it so hard?

I’m trying to find out what God permits us progressively to know and preferably to do if we humans are to continue in Universe.   

A good trainer is constantly repeating.

When we workout with weights we do “repetitions.”.

Training instills disciplines and agreed upon objectives; a desired outcome.

First, we become aware of what the game is.

Second, we explore the game to understand its components, rules, strategies, best practices.

Third, we discover the path of Growth, Transformation, Mastery and Transcendence.

We engage and begin to learn, through direct personal experience, how to play the game and we get better and better and better – each and every day.

Question:  What does God permit us to know?

Answer:  I don’t think he permits or does not permit.  

I think that is someone else’s role.  

However,  I do know that God wants us to know Everything.

How do I know this?

The week I went to the hospital in November of 1976 I was awakened to my mortality.

This Diabetes thing was serious business.

Back then it is conservative to say that 1 out of 5 T1D’s died, not from long term complications, but from acute episodes of going too low (insulin reaction…too much insulin) or going too high for too long (hyperglycemia…..too little insulin-too much glucose in the blood).

Most people knows a parent of a child with diabetes.

Ask them.

They will tell you.

It’s a nightmare.

Diabetes has been a nightmare for me.

It’s been a curse.

As we are, perhaps, beginning to see, when there is darkness there is potential Light.

There is a blessing in the curse.

That’s not my opinion.

It is based on science.

Managing Blood Glucose levels as a T1D is like flying a plane you can’t land.

The object is to stay in a narrow safe/target range (altitude level) without crashing or going too high for too long.

There are three rules for flying a plane:

  1.  Fly the plane.
  2.  Fly the plane.
  3.  Fly the plane.

The force of the opponent is relentless.

He is insidious in the way he plays and opposes us.

He is like “white on rice.”

The blessing of Type 1 Diabetes is that you get to engage with the opponent in a life and death battle 24/7 so you get a lot of practice.

God has become one of the strongest trigger words in the post-modern pluralistic culture.

In my opinion, this whole game of life is a spiritual game and God is who we are playing for.  

Sa-tan is who we are playing against.

In yoga and meditation inquiry we learn about Drishti.

Drishti is a focused gaze, a ,means of developing concentrated intention.

When we lock our gaze onto something………….When we attach to something then we are bound to suffer.

Establishing a Drishti enables us to look without attachment.

It is a necessary and important tool in this work.

Here is a link of a yoga journal article on Drishti.

See More Clearly By Practicing Drishti

For many years I hesitated about writing this book.  God had introduced me to many, many thousands of humans.  Quite a few of those I have known have had decision-making powers that could, and often did, affect human affairs in major ways.  Much of their decision-making integrated with thousands of decisions made by other Earthians.  

Welcome to The Matrix.

The integrated thousands of decisions inadvertently were compounded with a myriad of unforeseen technological, exploratory, and environmental happenings.  The individual decision-makings and unforeseen happenings around the world and in Universe at large altogether synergetically produced historical results not contemplated by any.  Such noncontemplated-by-any results constitute evolution – the will of God .

There is no arriving in this “world.”

The faster we travel the more we learn and can apply towards The Final Correction.  

The Journey HOME.

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