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We have a location in upstate NY on the east bank of Cayuga Lake that is a perfect setting for a small group ( four to eight participants) retreat/intensive.




Beautiful accommodations with yoga/fitness room right on the lake.

Home again 064

You design your own retreat.


There is nothing more effective than a few days to apply focused concentration.



If you are a group you can come for a few days of rest and relaxation with yoga, meditation, good food, golf, finger lakes wine tours, gorge hikes.


4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, wrap around deck, fitness/yoga room, huge deck, paddle boards, access to boat rides……..and a lot more.

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Home again 070

Set your own itinerary.

If you want us to collaborate with you we can talk about integrating one or all of the following:

  • My take on of yoga as a healing tool for my diabetes.
  • Introduction to Vipassana Meditation
  • Introduction to Kabbalah
  • Introduction to Spiral Dynamics (Map of human cognitive development)
  • Introduction to Integral Theory (Ken Wilber)
  • Shadow Work
  • Acupuncture
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Massage
  • Chines Herbs
  • Supplements
  • Diet Counseling
  • Bio-Feedback
  • Laser Therapy
  • Light Therapy
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Chakra Balancing

As far as food….many options all tailored to your desires.


Let’s Do This.



Veterans’ Day

So…..Today is Veterans’ Day. I appreciate all of you who have served, are serving now, and will serve. My sense of appreciation encompasses your husbands, your wives, your mom, your dad, your children, your extended family, your friends. This weekend is UFC 205. It is a stacked card with 3 title fights. Conor Mcgregor is fighting Alvarez. Big fight with the most bombastic fighter in the “game.” Whether or not you feel you lost or whether you won what is needed right now is to find the athlete within you. For all my friends who have played a sport you know what it is to lose a big game and you know what it feels like to win one too. Politics is a game. I know this because I had the opportunity to study political science and philosophy and religion at the University of Rochester and have continued my inquiry throughout my life. This week is my 40th anniversary of being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This has been my fight. We all have something….right? Look….we live in a world of duality, at a minimum. You may think you are right and those who disagree with you are wrong. WRONG. It is so ironic that those who embrace relativism are so absolute in their views. The Bhagavad Gita says that humility is the foundational condition necessary to enter the path of enlightenment. Be humble in your confidence, righteousness, judgements, perspective. Inject all of these things with Mercy. If you lose then pick yourself up, allow yourself to be embraced. Make a game plan. If you won then care for your opponent. While it may appear that these fighters are trying to hurt each other just like the fight for the presidency appears like people were destroying each other… are right. They want to “submit”, knockout or win a decision. This is the objective of the “game.” But once it happens…….Once the fight is over then it’s over and what is needed is humility, caring, compassion, respect. The Decision has been made. Don’t be a bad winner. If you do that you are an asshole. Don’t be a sore loser. If you do that then you are a victim. The yoga path starts with the Yamas. The first Yama is Ahisma – Non Violence. At a deep level this means to not put distress on another. You might be distressed over the decision. That’s Life! The “isness” of life is that you win some and you lose some. Both the Democratic Party and The Republican Party are now divided. We have just undergone the last stage of a double mitosis in the political landscape in our country, and for that matter, on this planet. It really doesn’t matter what you believe or you don’t believe. Belief is not what is needed right now. The visionaries of today are those who can suspend their disbelief. Watch the video and understand that the UFC is a metaphor for fighting the good fight. I predict the UFC is going to expand and go through a huge growth in the next few years. I am not a huge fan of the sport although I recognize that they are truly the most refined athletes in the world. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a metaphor for how to engage in the game of life. They all have great respect for the Art and each other. There are rules. It is one of the few sports that puts emphasis on following the rules. Those who disregard them are shunned. Golf is the epitome of an integral sport. Other sports encourage stretching the rules or trying to get away with breaking them. The recent political fight was not very integral. Anyone can see that. But, nevertheless, the decision has been made. Our only free will is to either see this moment as a threat or an opportunity. Choose opportunity…….Please. If you stay in fear and feel threatened you will shrink and then strike out in fear. Diabetes is a difficult dis-ease. It is 24/7 and it is dangerous. The root of the word Diabetes is Diablo. The game of life is, ultimately, a spiritual war between The Light and The Dark. The paradox is that one cannot be revealed without the other. It’s a Brave New World. Don’t run away from it or try and abort it. Embrace it. Love it. See it as an opportunity.

Beautiful moment of sportsmanship & respect between fighters MMA T-shirts –

Now….That is A Yoga Pose!


I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in November of 1976 at the age of 14.   My biggest desire in life has been and remains to find the root cause and correct it.  Seventeen years ago I was introduced to yoga.

My first yoga class was at a Bikram Yoga Studio in Boca Raton, Florida in November of 1999.  The room is heated to 110 degrees and there are 26 postures that are repeated each class.  I sweated so much I lost 4 lbs during the class.  The postures are designed to “squeeze” the toxins from every aspect of your being; physical, mental and emotional.  Class is over and the 90 degree heat in Boca feels like a cool breeze.  I would go to Bikram yoga classes almost every day for the next 6 years.  Sometimes I would do two classes; “A double.”  In 2002 I had the opportunity to take three months off from work.  I would wake up, go to the 7am class.  Come home, go for a 3 mile run around 1pm and then go to the 4pm class.  I literally, transformed myself.  Bikram began to get old.  The same routine, the heat, the stink….

I decided I wanted to deepen my practice so, in September of 2006, I went to a 200 hour yoga teacher training course at Kripalu in Massachusetts in the Berkshire Mountains.  While Bikram had systemized yoga into a 90 minute “torture chamber” that had tremendous benefit, it was very narrow in its exploration of the “map” of yoga.  Kripalu enlightened me to a much deeper understanding of what yoga is.  The yoga postures; poses; Asana’s are but one aspect of many in the map of yoga.  When I told one of the senior teachers at Kripalu that I had been living with type 1 diabetes since age 14, she said, “Now that is a yoga pose.”  Since 2006 I have continued to practice yoga and even guide some others in the inquiry of yoga.  Yoga is, ultimately, not something you do…….It is, instead a path of inquiry.  As such, it has accelerated my quest to understanding and correcting diabetes.

Is Diabetes an Addiction??

I have sometimes used addiction as a metaphor for Type 1 diabetes. Think about it for a minute………

A type 1 diabetic must inject insulin daily. If still taking shots then a Type 1 diabetic might have to partake in a “fix” up to 8 or more times a day. If on the pump, we are constantly “hooked” up to our drug of choice.

But, Michael, we don’t crave insulin?? Try not taking it for a day or two and see if you begin to crave it.

But, Michael, it is good for us unlike being addicted to something like drugs or alcohol?? Yes, it may be good for us but we are addicted to it. We need it. Without it we will have symptoms of withdrawal.

What I am asking you to do by contemplating being an addict by being a type 1 diabetic, is to hold a mental perspective that you may not have thought about. When thinking of our disease as an addiction there are a few pathways that may open up. Explore these. Think about the people around you. Are they acting like co-dependents or enablers? Are you treating them like co-dependents or enablers?  Do you hide your disease? What is it that caused the addiction in the first place? Do I own any responsibility for the onset of my situation? Is the goal to overcome my addiction?  Has my life become unmanageable?

Check out the 12 steps of AA. The first step says…..”We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.” Does having diabetes imply we are powerless over something and that our lives have become unmanageable? What is the something that we are powerless over? For sure the immediate task is to manage our disease. If we don’t, our lives do become unmanageable.

I don’t bring this thought exercise out to be provocative. No, my intention is to offer a momentary shift in the way  we see our disease so we may obtain additional tools to combat it. I have had type 1 diabetes for 39 years now. I can tell you with 100% certainty that if you are able to increase your level of awareness you will increase your ability to respond to your disease on a moment to moment basis. Denial is one of the hurdles in the recovery of an addict. Some say the opposite of denial is acceptance and it is acceptance that will “set you free.”  Screw acceptance.  I don’t accept this disease.  However, I am willing to be aware.  Work on awareness and the quality of your disease control will increase and you will be on the healing path………..

Type 1 Diabetes. “Now that’s a yoga pose.”

I have been living with Type 1 diabetes since 1976.  I was 14 when diagnosed.

I will spare you the whole story for now.

About five years ago I completed my initial yoga teacher training at Kripalu Yoga Center in the Berkshire Mountains.  After a very profound session with one of the senior yoga teachers, I had the opportunity to speak with her.   I told her I had Type 1 diabetes since I was a kid.  Her verbal response was….”Now that’s a yoga pose.”  Her emotional response was dripping with compassion.  I was immersed in one of the most profound training experiences of my life and being introduced to the deeper aspects of yoga.  I had been practicing yoga for six years prior to going to Kripalu for the month long teacher training course.  My yoga practice had transformed my body and mind.  I saw yoga as a metaphor for what I am tasked to do as a Type 1 Diabetic.  Both yoga and living with diabetes involves issues of restriction, alignment, balance, attention, focus, letting be and manifestation of life force energy (prana).  I did not want so much to be a yoga teacher, instead, I was seeking to deepen my understanding and practice.

Now that’s a yoga pose.