After 43 years of injecting insulin and surviving I can tell you that your most important and useful tool in your “bag of tools” is your intuition.  It takes time to develop but as those of us know who have been dealing with this physical condition and the daily minimum requirements needed to stay here, the “math” does not always work.  There are times when I am in the 200’s and I can do a correction according to the numbers and I can check 2 hours later and I am 25 points higher.  Too many factors at play for the numbers to work the same all the time.  It’s kinda like playing whack-a-mole all day long sometimes.  I realized about 20 years ago that I could develop my intuition.  Make it stronger.  Bring it more into play.  I understand it.  That’s why, after being introduced to yoga, I continued to inquire into it, practice it and even went to a 30 day intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training.  I use to be a corporate trainer; hiring and training sales people and managers.  I think I will make the yoga room my new training room. 

It is my experience and my current working assumption that what is within is what is worth seeking.  Having to live with T1D is like turning up the volume on needing, wanting.  We now need insulin, a way to deliver it and a way to continually check where our blood sugar is at.  The focus is put on us.  There is a saying or quote you may come across when exploring Chinese Medicine.  ….  “The bigger the front, the bigger the back.”  SUDDENLY, upon diagnosis we are confronted with a bigger front; tremendous work to stay healthy and alive.  I am here to tell you it is doable and it is made more doable when you cultivate your intuition.  This is not a condition to rely on the Doctor, Nurse, or CDE for.  They are excellent in introducing you to the “game” and monitoring your “results.”  But they can’t do what you have to do.  And knowing the math and the grams of carbs and your stressors is important.  More important is you connecting to, inquiring into, awakening and growing your intuition.

We all struggle with the daily grind of this dis-ease.  All of us.  I have always seen it as a curse.  And I am not here to tell you it was a blessing in my life.  It freakin sucks a#@.  However, there is an opening that appears with this struggle that I am saying is worth, at least inquiring into.  And this opening can lead to a tremendous blessing.  It is the opening of going within and knowing thyself.  There are many ways to do this.  Stay safe today.  

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