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For those of you who engage with The Way Seekers Group in our Final Phase Inquiry Please Read this……..

The final 5th phase in the process. STOP. I use the word final but that is not an accurate description. Yet, it does awaken us to the opportunity that there is, in fact, a destination, an ending, or at least, a “Way Point.”

As your guide, I think we need a field manual to traverse the territory we find ourselves in the this phase.

I think a lot of people skip over this step in their journey. The territory in the first four phases is unfolding. However, in this phase it is done, complete, over, full………It is the “product” of all our inquiry. This phase is qualitatively different. Movement STOPS. We are “moving into stillness here.”

If you “get” the subject-object analogy we have discussed in the past then you understand that in Phases 1-4 we are immersed as subject and now, in phase 5, we turn subject into object; We become the witness and are able to “view” all that has preceded from a higher point from when we started.

So, what is a field manual. I did some research on finding a purpose/meaning and I got this:

The field manual is a set of simple instructions that enables us to take extreme ownership even in the most extreme, chaotic, and unpredictable situations. It allows us to confront our personal landmines and avoid ambushes challenging our mission.

The field manual effectively, bullet points what we have learned so far and a to do list of to do’s for when we choose to cycle forward into our next “Phase 1 ” experience. REMEMBER, one of the descriptions of phase one is that it is called CONFUSION: CHAOS

You have heard of the saying…….”Order out of Chaos. ” Prepositions matter!.. I suggest looking at the situation differently. I suggest we look at it as finding “Order in the Chaos.” It is different attitude altogether. Instead of the goal being to turn chaos into order we accept that both are present and will remain present.

A field manual kind of implies military…..right? WAR! BATTLE.

There are 3 Levels of WAR. These 3 levels mirror loosely the three levels of wisdom according to the Buddha. The Three levels are TACTICAL, OPERATIONAL and STRATEGIC. Can you see the metaphor?

In this phase……July 19, 2021 until the end of September 2021 I will be working on developing and publishing this Field Manual.

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