The Yellow Brick Road: Brick (3); The Middle Path

Since complementarity is essential to the success of eternally regenerative Universe, the phenomenon identified as the opposite of positive cannot be negative, nor can it be bad, since the interopposed phenomena known heretofore as good and bad are essential to the 100-percent success of eternally regenerative Universe.  They are both good for the Universe.

I “get it” Bucky!  

You are saying that everything in our Universe; the good, the bad and the ugly;  

Truth, Beauty and goodness,

Everything is essential and that to label it as good or bad is not required?

Right?  Is that it?  

The Buddha might have a different way of explaining what Bucky is writing here.

Let’s explore Buddha for a moment.

The Buddha awakened to the suffering of the world around him.  

His life was a journey in search for THE CAUSE of Suffering and Chaos; THE EFFECT.  

And, if he found it he wanted to know if there was a way to eradicate it.

In my opinion, the strife we are witnessing and personally experiencing with people holding opposing views on an issue or way of doing or approaching something is the effect, in a general sense, of what The Buddha identified as “The Root,” or “Seed Level” or “Cause” of Suffering.

He found the Cause.  

The Buddha said that IGNORANCE was the root of suffering.  

Specifically, ignorance of the nature of impermanence (Annica in Sanskrit).  

“The Truth of suffering,” the Buddha said, “must be explored to its end.”

Clearly one can see suffering exists.  

Suffering begins at the beginning of life when we are born.  

We come out of the womb screaming Holy Hell.

We don’t always get what we want.  

We sometimes get what we don’t want.  

If we get what we want it eventually leaves us.  

Everything that arises is bound to pass away; Annica.

We are attached to the five senses, to the body, to our mind, our thoughts, cognitions, perceptions, sensations and reactions,  

We are attached to our identity- the mental and physical being.  

All these are evolving processes bound to change.  

Most people who know about the Buddha think attachment is the root of suffering.  

The Buddha dug deeper.  

He did so by asking  questions.  

The answer only reveals itself when the question is asked.

What causes attachment?  How does it arise?

He discovered that attachment occurs because of the momentary reactions of liking and disliking.  

The brief, unconscious reactions of the mind are repeated and intensified moment after moment, growing into powerful attractions and repulsions, into all our attachments.

Attachment is merely the developed form of the fleeting reaction.

This is the immediate cause of suffering.

We are now going to inquire into how the Wheel of Suffering turns.  

I want to credit William Hart and his book, “The Art of Living; Vipassana Meditation as taught by G.N. Goenka.”  

Some of the writing here is taken directly from that book.

am taking the liberty of presenting it in a slightly different form.

Question:  What causes reactions of liking and disliking?

Answer:  Sensation.  We feel a pleasant sensation and start liking it;  we feel an unpleasant sensation and start disliking it.

Question:  Now, Why these sensations?  What causes them?

Answer:  Because contact is made through the 5 physical senses and the mind.  Whenever an object or phenomenon contacts any of these six bases of experience a sensation is produced, pleasant or unpleasant.

Question:  And why does contact occur in the first place?

Answer:  Because of the six sensory bases – the 5 physical senses and the mind – contact is bound to occur.  The world is full of countless phenomena; sights, sounds, odors, flavors, textures, various thoughts and emotions.  So long as our receivers are functioning, contact is inevitable.

Question:  Why do the six sensory bases exist?

Answer:  Because they are essential aspects of the flow of mind and matter.  

Bucky writes, “It was discovered that unity was plural and at minimum sixfold.”

Question:  And why the flow of mind and matter?  What causes it to occur?

Answer:  Because of consciousness, the act of cognition which separates the world into knower and known, subject and object, “I” and “other,”

Is this separation the cause of Creation; The Birth of our Universe?

Every moment consciousness arises and assumes a specific mental and physical form.  In the next moment, again, consciousness takes a slightly different form.

Throughout one’s existence, consciousness flows and changes.  

At last comes death, but consciousness does not stop there.  Without any interval, in the next moment, it assumes a new form.

Question:  What causes the flow of consciousness?

Answer:  Reaction.  The mind is constantly reacting, and every reaction gives impetus to the flow of consciousness so that it continues to the next moment.  The stronger the reaction the greater the impetus it gives.

Question:  What causes Reaction?

Answer: Ignorance.  We are unaware of the fact that we react, and unaware of the real nature of what we react to.  We are ignorant of the impermanent, impersonal nature of our existence and ignorant that attachment to it brings nothing but suffering.  

Not knowing our real nature, we react blindly.  

Not even knowing that we have reacted, we persist in our blind reactions and allow them to intensify.  

Thus, we become imprisoned in the habit of reacting, because of ignorance.

Ignorance does not mean stupid.  

It means to ignore.  

There are two kinds of ignorance:

The first one is involuntary.  Have not been exposed to it.  You are just not aware of it;  Have not thought about; Hasn’t occurred to you.

The second is willful ignorance.  You can’t see the Truth or don’t want to see it because you are willfully, consciously or unconsciously, blocking it with your beliefs, positions, desires, aversions, inability to suspend disbelief, fear, trust issues, ashamed, like being a victim (it works for you), ….should I go on?

It doesn’t matter if it is conscious or unconscious.  

Both are in the consciousness realm.  

One of the first steps in the  spiritual healing recovery process is awakening to this.

Remember, If you question your results then check your assumptions.  

The Buddha was in search of the Cause of Suffering; Chaos, Pain, Disease, Disagreement, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Divorce, Unhappiness, War, Death….should I continue?

Kabbalah’s one and only working assumption is that The Light of The Creator represents the Cause and everything else is the Effect.  

The Light is Total Fulfillment.

The Universe’s binary code might be described as Total Accountability and Total Feedback.

The Light of The Creator wants to share with the Emanated Vessel – The Desire To Receive – The Human Soul.

“My son, more than the calf wishes to suck does the cow yearn to suckle.”  Rabbi Akiba.

One way to look at The Yellow Brick Road Training and it’s potential value to you, others and the world is that it may provide you with an introduction and orientation to all of these “maps” we have introduced and are inquiring into;  Yoga, Acupuncture, Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Chinese Herbs, Diet Counseling, Food Recipes, Light Therapy, Laser Therapy, Biofeedback Therapy (The Indigo Machine), Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Human Development Perspectives, Transcendent Vacation Spots (I don’t mean physically, although the lake house is definitely a transcendent spot),  Kabbalah, Vipassana Meditation, Walking, Weight Lifting and more….

Growth happens when you are green.  

People rot when they are ripe.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.  

When the teacher is ready the student will appear.

I want to introduce you to a dynamic teacher I have come across.  His name is Mark Pasio.  He has a whole bunch of videos of his lectures on his website.

I suggest starting with his three part series on Natural Law.  

These are long lectures.  The Natural Law Series is 9 hours in total.  

If his sometimes harsh and confrontational delivery causes a negative reaction, try to not let it effect receiving his wisdom. 

His series on the occult is fascinating.  

He has intimate knowledge of The Adversary; The Opponent: The Opposing Force.  

What fun would it be to play a game of tennis without someone on the other side hitting the ball back?  

One of his most intriguing video series, in my opinion, is entitled, “Unholy Feminine; Neo Feminism and The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda.”

Everything in our Universe arises with it’s polar opposite.  

We live in a world of duality;

Can’t have up without down.

Right does not exist without Left.    

Light-Dark, Male-Female, Above-Below, Yin-Yang, Black-White and, yes, Positive-Negative and Good-Bad.

The Cause can be found in The Effect.  

And, The Effect can be found in The Cause.

Ken Wilber describes the evolutionary process as transcending and including, transcending and including.  

He says. “It’s turtles all the way up and turtles all the way down.”  

Things starting to sound similar?   On-off, on-off, on-off?


Vipasanna Meditation is wisdom training.  

Awareness and Equanimity – This is Vipassana Meditation.  

When Practiced together, they lead to liberation from suffering.  

If either is weak or lacking, it is not possible to progress along the path toward the goal.

Both are essential, just as a bird requires two wings to fly or a cart needs two wheels to move.  

And they must be equally strong.  

If one wing of a bird is weak and the other powerful, it cannot fly properly.

If one wheel of the cart is small and the other large, it will keep going around in circles.   

The meditator must develop both Awareness and Equanimity together in order to advance along the path.

There is no “arriving” in this Universe.  

However, there is a destination.

First, Right Alignment; The Mystery

Second,  Discovering and Exploring; The Journey.

Third, Surrendering, Connecting:  The Revelation.


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