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“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Henry David Thoreau

What is The Truth?  

Is Truth relative?  Sure it is.

Is Truth Absolute?  Absolutely.

“The Paradox of the paradox is that the paradox is a paradox.” Krishnamurti

How do we reconcile the seeming paradoxical nature of TRUTH?

How do we find Dharma?

Michael is a Professional Trainer with over 30 years in both the corporate setting and the personal development arena.  He is a certified Yoga teacher; a Kabbalist, an Integral Practitioner, a 15 year student and orientation guide of the Vipassana Meditation technique. 

Born, raised and educated in Rochester, NY, Michael holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from The University of Rochester and graduate study work in the area of human development/psychology from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

He obtained his Yoga Teaching Certificate from Kripalu Yoga Center in 2006   Attended and successfully completed the initial 10 day Vipassana Meditation Technique in 2007.  

My past career roles and responsibilities, my education accomplishments and endeavors and my life challenges and experience has, today, provided me the platform from which I can share and offer several services that will assist others with:

  1. Connecting with “right alignment” with  one’s authentic desire for growth, transformation and healing.  
  2. Guiding in the exploration/brainstorming stage of inquiry into the component parts of one’s unique, individual situation and circumstance.
  3. Sharing techniques in system design, strategy and planning.
  4. Assisting in the implementation and illumination stage of the process.
  5. Creating ways to track and manage results! 

What I have just described are the 5 “steps” of a Macro Template of Creation itself.  This template can be applied to anything one desires.

My philosophy is both simple and complex.  I have discovered that there are effectively three ‘areas” of training, teaching and coaching and these three areas correlate perfectly with The Buddha’s Three Levels of Wisdom:

  1. Imparting Knowledge:  One becomes aware from being told by another or reading a book or attending a lecture.  This is someone else’s wisdom and at this level one becomes aware.
  2. Skill Development:  Once one becomes aware of “the job at hand” then one must be introduced to the skills needed to “perform the task” and best practices required to hone them.
  3. Aptitude Enhancement:  There is an optimal cognitive perspective and approach to what one is engaged in creating.  This is one’s direct personal experience and a coach, teacher or trainer can, at best, be a good example.

The complexity of my approach is that I utilize multiple “maps of the territory.”  My intention is to create a holographic picture or view.  Some of the maps I use are:

  • Yoga
  • Kabbalah
  • Meditation (especially the Vipassana Technique)
  • Integral Theory
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Chinese Medicine Principles
  • Logo Therapy Philosophy (Viktor Frankl)

Now, each individual, business or organization is unique with individual and different needs, wants and expectations.  My approach and my work is always tailored to meet these differences through assessment, agreement and integral engagement.  

You may already be aware of this 5 phase process.    You may know it as the growth process:

  1. Confusion -The Seed Level
  2. Exploration – Root Structure
  3. Incubation – Trunk
  4. Illumination – Branches and Leaves
  5. Celebration – Fruit

In the business “map” it is looks like this:

  1. Goal/Objective – What is our mission?
  2. Brainstorming – What do we need to account for?
  3. Systems and Procedures – What is our strategy?
  4. Implementation – How do we engage – ‘play’?
  5. Outcome Management – What is the result?

In yoga it can be represented through The Koshas. The Koshas are described as the 5 bodies or veils of the self:

  1. Physical – Body
  2. Mental/Emotional – Mind
  3. Energetic – Breath/Prana
  4. Higher Self – Soul
  5. Bliss – Spirit

In the Kabbalah Map it is called “The Four Phases”

  1. Keter – Crown – The tip of the “Yud” – Phase Zero
  2. Chochma – Wisdom – Yud – Phase One
  3. Binah – Intelligence – Hey – Phase Two
  4. Zeir Anpin – The Process – Vav – Phase Three
  5. Malchut – The Kingdom – Hey – Phase Four

There are a few other five phase processes that I have found that mirror what I am sharing here.  For those of us dealing with loss, failure or a chronic condition we know it as The Grief Process:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Depression
  4. Bargaining
  5. Acceptance

As someone who has had to deal with a chronic physical condition since the age of 14 I am intimately aware of the grief process and have applied the 5 phase macro template to how I have managed the challenge:

1.  Confront – What is the reality of what we are up against and how do I best line up with what I need to do?

2.  Understand – What do I need to know and learn and study?

3.  Integrate – What do I need to do and How do I best do it?

4.  Master – How do continue to implement and grow?

5.  Share – How do bestow my findings with others?

You can find the 5 phases everywhere once you become aware of it, do some inquiry and have a direct personal experience with it.  You can use it to overcome, build, create, transform, grow and heal.  It is a process and it becomes valuable over time through consistent, persistent and patient application.  I serve as a guide in introducing, orienting, exploring, testing, mastering and celebrating.


I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years now.  I got hooked on yoga when I had landed on my personal healing path and realized what a perfect metaphor it was for my daily task of managing my condition of Type One Diabetes(T1D).  When I told one of the Master Teachers at Kripalu that I had T1D she said, “Now That Is A Yoga Pose.”  For the past two years I have been leading a small group in weekly yoga sessions.  We meet three times a week.  I tailor the session to the participants’ level and current needs.  


I am a Vipassana Meditator.  I am not a Vipassana “teacher”.  However, I have guided many others in understanding the Vipassana technique which has been called The Buddha’s minimum training requirement for Enlightenment.  So, what I do is orient others to this technique.  The way I do it is by guiding others through a book and answering questions.  When I was at my 10 day retreat I reduced my insulin requirement  by 50%.  Just saying……If you do nothing else with me…..read this book. 

The principles and understandings contained within this book make up much of the core of my philosophy and training.

One on One Consultation

If you prefer one on one work I do this.  I especially find this valuable for those who are dealing with a chronic condition.   

Group Work

I have been doing zoom sessions for over two years now and it is actually very dynamic.  There are some advantages doing yoga via zoom and, of course, there are a few draw backs.

Business or Organization Consultation

Prior to 2006 I had a 20 year career as a corporate director of training, development and quality assurance.  I assessed and evaluated current operations, created new innovative systems and procedures, developed operations and training manuals, recruited and hired employees, facilitated initial training of new employees and conducted one on one and group development training programs.  

Applying this template to a business or organization could be a tipping point.  As someone who has run their own business with over 100 employees I am aware of both the value and the potential ineptitude of a business consultant, especially someone who has never run their own business.  As with individuals, each business is unique.  I believe that it makes no sense to pay to talk to anyone who won’t be able to help me improve, grow or increase efficiency.  And you never know until they come in and start talking.  Therefore, my approach with any business relationship will be an initial session where I am able to listen to what you need and want to accomplish.  I will then provide my response and assessment.   There is no charge for this initial assessment.  I need to know what you want and you need to know what I can do.  There is value in just doing that.  Then, if we agree there is value in moving forward, we will create a next step.  The motto for our business that I was a partner in came from Buckminster Fuller:

“Total Accountability and Total Feedback Constitute the Minimum and Only Perpetual Motion System”

Every business is looking to hone their systems and processes to resemble a perpetual motion system.  In the old days it was called TQM.  If I can help you identify what it is that needs accountability and assist you in creating faster and more dynamic feedback loops, I can be of value to you and your business.  I look forward to exploring the possibilities in this ever changing world.

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