Yoga Update

It has been awhile since I have written a post here. I went into a kind of funk and did not feel much like writing. So here it goes. I have made a change in my yoga practice. For ten years I had been going to a Bikram Studio. For the past three years I have supplemented that with yoga teacher training at Kripalu. Even though I was training in Kripalu my practice stayed with Bikram. Well, I have moved on from from Bikram. I am now a member of a yoga Shala (school) called Anuttara. Their website is The yoga room is beautiful and the head teacher is amazing. He is filled with knowledge about the history and philosophy of yoga. The classes are dynamic and focus on opening up the hips and upper body strength. There is a lot of vinyasa flow with sun and moon salutations. This type of yoga is more aligned with Kripalu. The Shala is becoming certified to be a training center for teachers. The first teacher training is scheduled for March. I am considering participating in this training.

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