Diabetes Support Group Meeting

So, I went to a diabetes support group meeting last night. It is suppose to be for Type 1 diabetics and their spouses, siblings or significant others. The topic is suppose to be on the psychological aspects of the disease. The facilitator attempts to steer the discussion to feelings and emotions. Last night I found myself a bit disconnected to most of the issues that were being discussed. Anger, guilt, denial, frustration and depression seemed the be on the plate. I don’t feel these emotions anymore relative to my having diabetes. It was a profound awareness to realize that I have emotionally processed through as much as I have. For sure I have, in the past, experienced all of these emotions and associated psychological mazes that these issues present. Last night I found myself grateful and feeling blessed for the place I am in and the journey I now find myself on. I feel as though I am more on a spiritual path than ever before. I see clearly the choices in front of me and the associated traps of attachment and resulting suffering that is inevitable in making the choice. I now understand that more balance is attained through the cultivation of awareness and equanimity. I have broken through the mountain of denial and victimhood and am learning how to bask in the valley of responsibility and leadership. Has not been an easy climb but what else are you going to do?

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