“The Five Bodies”

This post is designed to be like a yoga session. It will take 30 minutes of your time.

As your guide, I will attempt to describe “right alignment” and then guide you in discovering and exploring your edge. I am looking forward to hearing some feedback as to how you experienced this.

First, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing that you can move easily in and you are warm. Lay out your yoga mat. If you use cushions to sit then have them available. Have a blanket for Final Shavassanah.

Play the following song while doing a few yoga poses. Open up the hips with dragon or pigeon. Do a few forward bends and backbends. Stretch neck and connect to breathing. It’s only a short 3 minute stretch here.

Now, establish your sitting position. Take a few minutes to make sure you are set up. Feel the energy rise up in the spine. Pull up through the core slightly. Breath-Relax-Feel-Watch-Allow. Lock into your focused awareness and watch this video. It is 12 minutes long.

When finished take 5 cycles of deep breathing. Inhale for 8 seconds getting full. Hold for 13 seconds, exhale in 8 seconds, hold exhale for 5 seconds and repeat. Switch your legs. Put the one that is in front in back. Then click play on the next video. It is 8 minutes long.

When video finishes set up for final Shivassana and play the audio below.

When video finishes then come back slowly and……

Contemplate the following thoughts:

Do you see a comparison between the 5 koshas in the yogic system and the 5 aspects of the soul described by the Rabbi?

Can you invert the order? Bliss to Physical. Highest level of soul to Nefash.

2 thoughts on ““The Five Bodies””

  1. I just did the laid out session and watched the 2 videos… I love your classes, voice and seeing all of my old pals on Zoom through these trying times.

    Personally, I am exploring my own set of maps and doing readings and studies on things that resonate with me.

    I appreciate deeply all of your studying, researching, watching videos and building this website… for me these are your maps and what is resonating with you.

    You have helped inspire me to spend 10 minutes daily to meditate and o see how much deeper I can go within these 10 minutes when I am able to join you wonderful Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday classes.

    Alas, there are just not enough hours in every day… my current book/audio has been Michael Singers “The Untethered Soul” I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone…. it interfaces very well with all of the work we’ve been doing , helps me greatly to “Be Here Now” and rod my psyche of old stuff allowing more room for inner peace and blissful joy!

    Thank you for helping me get through this crazy tough life chapter in a happy productive way!

    Love, Paddington

  2. Thank you Paddington. I listen to everything you have to say. I think the last 6 months have been a period of time where we have been exploring different perspectives in transformation and movement and energy and frequency and vibration. They are my maps, yes. And, perhaps, it is time to transition from map questing to actually getting on the trail? I like Michael Singer. He has some good perspective. Michael

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