The Game

Is life a game?  Does it trivialize life to to compare it to a game?  Is life too serious to be considered a game?  Gee whiz, we certainly put a lot of money, time and resources into the games we play.  Every game has a primary objective.  It could be argued that winning the game is the ultimate objective.  Others say it is really how you play that matters.  And some of the best coaches I know have used the word  Love  in describing the most important aspect of playing;  “Play for the love of the game.”  Gaining Agreement on what is the primary objective is important, I believe.  Most games are straightforward and don’t have much ambiguity in figuring out the objective.  Is Life a game? What game are you playing? What is your objective? Are there any rules? What is your strategy? How do you train and get better? How do you measure your results?

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