THE Problem??

Let’s start here. Words are limiting. Stay Open mentally. Establish a “state of inquiry.” Suspend Belief. Understand the meaning of ” “the suspension of disbelief.” Doubt Everything.

We KNOW the destination. Our yoga map clearly states it. It is Unity, Oneness, a connection to “Source.” In fact, most metaphysical, religious or spiritual “maps” agree. Yoga calls this destination Samadhi. Other words from other maps are “Heaven, Nirvana, The Endless, Brahman ……

And furthermore, this destination is also the “Origination.” We came from Oneness and somehow are “born” into this world of Duality. Isn’t Duality The Problem? We want something we don’t have and the space in-between represents the unfulfilled, the lack, the separation, the distance……

Buckminster Fuller, in his “Re-thinking The Lord’s Prayer” writes…….”Total Accountability and Total Feedback constitute the minimum and only perpetual motion system.” There is a living relationship between the poles on each end of the continuum of duality. Nature always “seeks” balance of some sort. The Fibonacci sequence is an expression of this process. There is movement and a give and take in the precession and interaction.

I found this gem of a discourse between two great minds. It’s the end (last 15 minutes) of an hour+ discussion. There is a link in the description section to the full discussion if interested.

WARNING. This takes focus. Don’t drive or use heavy machinery while listening. Don’t multi task while listening.

As you watch, can you “see” the problem? Can you see why studying the process of expanding consciousness could be valuable to finding solutions?

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