The Yellow Brick road

The “Yellow Brick Road” is a 10 blog series;  An introduction and initial orientation to several “maps of the territory” I have discovered in my 40 years in search of a cure for “my” condition of Type 1 Diabetes.

When I was 14 (going to turn 55 next month) I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My biggest challenge in life has been living with this dis-ease.  It is an extremely difficult and dangerous physical condition.

Without injecting insulin I would not survive for much more than a few days.  From the day I was diagnosed my greatest desire has been to experience a healing; a cure.  I have not found the “cure” yet, however, my quest to fulfill my desire has introduced me to multiple paths of inquiry.

Fifteen years ago I was introduced to Yoga and Chinese Medicine and Crania-Sacral Therapy and Kabbalah and Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics and Vipassana Meditation and Zen and many other wonderful, dynamic and profound wisdom paths and inquiries of Truth.

The experience of living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) has been and continues to be a profound “map” for me.

The structure of this presentation is a step-by-step, or,  a brick-by-brick, process texturized and colored with the introduction and orientation of multiple scientific, meta-physical and mystical perspectives; “maps of the territory.”

Interjected throughout are some short video clips, personal experiences and awarenesses.

The video’s are for imparting information, introducing “tools” we may acquire during our journey, and setting the “mood.” or cognitive-emotional “canvas.”  The music videos don’t have to be listened to their end.  You will probably “get it” once you hear the first couple seconds of a song.   Some of them are worth the listen all the way through, I think.

Simply click on the light green link to access each “Brick.”

BRICK 1; The Mystery

“Better to be in the mystery than in the know.”  What do we really know? We are on a tiny planet in the boondocks of The Milky Way Galaxy which is one of a couple two-three billion other galaxies in the “known” universe. We seem trapped in a physical body with a mind capable of imagining just about anything.  Sounds like a mystery to me.  Step One in the growth cycle is Confusion; Not knowing.  It’s ok to not know.  The first step onto the path of wisdom is humility.  

“Better to be in The Mystery than in The Know.”

BRICK 2; Proper Alignment

Kripalu Yoga teachers are taught The Three Stages of Yoga.  Stage One is Proper Alignment:  Attention is on the physical sensations.  The Practice is body awareness.  Alignment principles are based on anatomical architecture and references.  Practice of stage one creates purification resulting in increased physical awareness.  This produces strength, flexibility and stamina.  The Witness Consciousness begins through physical inquiries.  “You do Yoga.”

BRICK 3; The Middle Path

The number three is a very important number in metaphysical and mystical inquiry.  We live in a three dimensional world, or so it seems.  The Middle Path is the third of three.  Kabbalah teaches the three column system of The Tree of Life Reality.  The Trinity – The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit.  Three is foundational. 

BRICK 4; The Yin and The Yang

The Duality.  Some great yogi once said….”Yoga is about creating union between body and mind and then go in search of the soul.”  Or something like that.  The number Two is even more foundational than the number three.  “It takes two to tangle.”  The sperm and the egg meet and create …..In the second stage in Kripalu yoga the practice is focused on increased mental and emotional awareness.  Alignment principles are based on prana/energy.  Attention is on thoughts, feelings, emotions and breath.  Practice of stage 2 strengthens the will, resulting in increased mental and emotional awareness.  The Witness consciousness develops through posture inquiry.  “You do yoga and yoga does you.”

BRICK 5; There Are Others?

I don’t know…….????

BRICK 6; The Precession

Have you ever heard someone say…”Time is an illusion?”  Or, “All we have is time.”  Is it an illusion or not?  Now that we have a foundational framework perhaps we can explore deeper.  I think this is where it starts to get fun!


I’ve always wanted to know Why.  I think why is the most important question.  I could be wrong.  Ya ever notice little children between like 3 and 13 are constantly responding with “Why?”  Just saying.

Brick 8; The No Move Move

Now, I think this is where it starts getting real interesting.  Once we start seeing a “bigger picture” then what the hell do we do now?

BRICK 9; Essence

The Buddha said the the highest level of wisdom is direct personal experience.  It’s not good enough to just think about something.  I went to Kripalu yoga teacher training because I wanted to deepen my understanding of yoga and connect with my authentic self; my essence. The month long intensive was an experience I will never forget.  I went to the 10 day Vipassana Meditation retreat because I was tricked to go.  The most difficult and yet the most profound 10 days of my life.  You have to get still and quiet to “feel” it.  

“Better a single day of life seeing the reality of arising and passing away than a hundred years of existence remaining blind to it.”  Buddha

Call Me Trim Tab

The practice in Stage 3 of Kripalu yoga results in increased ability to experience life without judgement and to be present in body, mind and spirit simultaneously.  This produces joy, power and wisdom.  There is an increased connection to “Source.”  Alignment principles come from natural intuition.  Attention is on expression, prana and bliss.  The Witness Consciousness surrenders to experiences of meditation-in-motion.  “Yoga does You.”

Perhaps, things are not as they seem?  


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