The Yellow Brick Road

My career has always been in the area of training development, training facilitation, systems and procedures development and implementation and Quality Assurance. Looking back over my work career I have identified that the value I added and, consequently, the value I received back in the form of compensation was when I was in a position to assess and transform an existing process that was not working into a “new” and different process that would work.  I have a knack in seeing what is wrong and how to fix it.  Not always, but usually when it is not working.

One of the the jobs I had was that of Training Director for a small company that sold financial products.  I called the new training manual The Yellow Brick Road.  I called it that because the new process was a step-by-step process and needed to be followed step-by-step if it was going to work.

The diagnosis of either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes means that a system of the body (a critical system) is not working.  A new system with different procedures must be put in place.  The system that is not working is the endocrine process.  It is the process that converts food (carbohydrates and fats) into glucose.  Just like when business systems slow down in performance or stop working it is not everything within the system that has gone bad.  It is usually one or two things that are the cause of the dysfunction.  In Type 1 Diabetes it is the inability of the body to produce insulin.  In Type 2 Diabetes it is the reduction in the effectiveness of insulin to keep blood sugar in the “normal” range.

My approach to my own diabetes has been a step-by-step process on many levels.  And that is the hidden nuance of this disease.  My approach in assisting others with diabetes will also follow a step-by-step process.  The Yellow Brick Road ends with the discovery of the true source of the wizard and a journey back home.  It is the path from the unreal to the real.  When you have engaged in the process you will begin to awaken to a deeper truth and will be closer to h-OM-e.

See “The Work” page above for more details on what I do and who I work with.  This work is the path to our ultimate goal of total transformation and liberation.


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